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The John Deere 620 tractor was a fairly big tractor when it first appeared, weighing in at 3084 kg (6800 lbs) when unballasted, but when it’s fully ballasted it weighs 3977 kg (8769 lbs) (max safe ballasted weight). The length and width of the JD 620 varies depending on the which version you are talking about. It’s maximum length is 3.73 m (147.2 inches) (this is the John Deere 620H, high crop model). It’s max width is 2.2 m (86.6 inches) (this is the regular model). In total there are 4 ‘620’ models. The regular version, the John Deere 620H which is the high crop version, the John Deere 620-O which is the orchard version and the John Deere 620 row crop version. Each of the different models has slight variations, but as a whole they are all very similar.

As with the other models in the series, like the John Deere 420 and the John Deere 520 tractors, the John Deere 620 tractor has a choice of 3 similar engines, each of which uses different fuel. All engines are 2 cylinder models with natural aspiration and a total displacement of 5 liters. They are all liquid cooled and all are started with a 12 volt battery. The three fuel types are diesel, LP gas and all fuel.

All 3 engines on the John Deere 620 transfer power to the wheels of the tractor through a unsynchronized transmission. This gearbox gives the JD 620 a top speed of 18.5 kph (11.5 mph) through it’s 6 forward/1 reverse gear setup. If you own have ever used this tractor, then please let others know more about it, by leaving a review of your experiences below. Make sure to mention both what you liked and what you didn’t like to give people a fair assessment of it’s merits.

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