John Deere 420

The John Deere 420 is not to be confused with the John Deere 420 lawnmower. The lawn mower is a much more recent machine than the tractor. The JD 420 tractor first appeared in 1956 and had a production run that lasted 3 years until 1958. There is a choice of engine to power this tractor. The first choice is a John Deere built all fuel model that has a displacement of 1.9 liters and is naturally aspirated. It is a 2 cylinder model that is started via a 6 volt battery. The second engine choice is a gasoline powered model that has also been designed and built by JD. This model also has a displacement of 1.9 liters. The last engine choice is an LP gas engine that is also John Deere built. All three engines are liquid cooled.

There is a choice of 2 different transmission systems for the John Deere 420. Both are unsynchronized gear boxes. The first option gives the JD 420 tractor 5 forward gears and 1 gear for reversing, while the second option gives the tractor 4 speeds going forwards and 1 for reversing. The top speed of this tractor comes to 19.3 kph (12 mph). The fuel tank on the all fuel and gasoline models can hold up to 39.7 liters (10.5 US gallons) of fuel, while the fuel tank on the LP gas model can hold up to 75.7 liters (20 US gallons).

There are many different varieties of the John Deere 420 tractor. These include the John Deere 420S, which is the standard model, the John Deere 420T, which is the tricycle model, the John Deere 420W which is the row crop utility model and the John Deere 420U, which is the utility model. The JD 420 is part of a series that also includes the John Deere 520 and the John Deere 320 tractors. You’d be right in guessing that this tractor does not come with a cab, although many have modified cabs built onto them by their owners.

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One Review of the “John Deere 420”

  1. Scott Morrell says:

    My first Experience Using This Model was back when i was about 12years old on our farm picking up hay . We also had the 420 loader on tracks . my dad sold the 420 tractor in the late 70s and sold the loader in 1989 when we sold the farm .
    I have been looking for a john deere 420 tractor for years and have found one in great shape running ready to work or take to JD shows

    Year of Manufacture: 1956
    Pros: I have found it to be a good all round tractor
    Cons: Cant think of any
    Attachments: I have boxblade, 6ft mower , rake , 14″ 2bottom plow
    Modifications: power steering

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