John Deere 54 Inch Snow Blower

The John Deere 54″ Snow Blower has the same compatibility as the John Deere 54 Inch Front Blade and the John Deere 47″ Snow Blower. It is a heavy duty piece of equipment and so the only tractor lawnmower series that can power it properly is John Deere X700 series or instead you could use the John Deere 2000 series of compact tractors to power it. The clearing width of the JD 54″ snow blower attachment is obivously 1.37 m (54 inches)….the hint is in the name! The height of the ‘bucket’ is 0.51 m (20 inches) but if the snow if very powdery it can usually clear drifts that are a few inches higher thanks to it’s optional drift knives.

Thankfully the John Deere 54 inch snow blower uses JD’s easy-to-use Quik-Tatch technology that makes attaching the 54″ snow thrower almost completely painless. Once it is fully attached (which usually takes about a minute), you are ready to start getting rid of snow! However if you are driving on very slippy conditions like ice, compacted snow or frozen slush, the you may think about using snow chains on your tires and adding some ballast to the rear of machine.

The John Deere 54″ snow blower attachment is primarily used by contractors, businesses and local councils. You will rarely find a snow blower of this size being used solely by an individual, unless of course they have a very large and long driveway or area to clear. The JD 54 inch snowblower uses a 0.41 m (16 inch) steel auger as well as an impeller as it’s a dual stage snow thrower. This means that even in heavy, highly compacted snow the snowblower can quickly cut up and pulverize it and send it far away through the deflector chute. The deflector chute can rotate up to 100 degrees in either direction from the center forward position.

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One Review of the “John Deere 54 Inch Snow Blower”

  1. Eric says:

    More impressed with the 47″ blower! The 54″ not cutting it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Over all great unit, easy on and off
    Cons: Plastic impeller is inefficient. I have this 54″ unit on my new 2720. I preciously owned a 2320 with the 47″ blower which had a steel impeller that out preformed the 54″ by about 2.5 times as far as throwing ability. Not happy at all that John Deere got cheap going to plastic impeller. What were they thinking!!! I have called my JD dealer to see if the the steel impeller from the 47″ will work if not I will have one made at a local machine shop because the plastic one just is not cutting it defeating the purpose of going with the larger blower.

    Attachments: 54″ Blower
    Modifications: Will have to make some if John Deere can’t address the cheap plastic impeller

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