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The John Deere 5075M utility tractor, like many other utility tractors in the 5000 series is powered by a diesel, turbocharged PowerTech 5030, 5 cylinder engine that is manufactured in house by JD. The engine produces 75 hp and is liquid cooled by a system that has a capacity to hold 9.8 liters of water. Air entering the combustion chamber of the engine is first cleaned by a dry type air filter. The pressurized lubrication system has a capacity to hold up to 9.8 liters of oil. If you are looking for similar but smaller utility tractors, then you may be interested in looking at the John Deere 5065E or the John Deere 5065M tractors. However if it’s something with a similar amount of power that you are after, then the John Deere 5075E might take your fancy.

When purchasing the John Deere 5075M brand new, it comes with one of 4 different transmission systems. These are a PowrReverser, PowrReverser Plus, Sync Reverser and SyncShuttle Plus. Each of these gives the tractor a varying number of forward and reverse speeds. As well as coming with a choice of 4 different transmissions, the JD 5075M comes with 3 different drive configurations (2WD, MFWD and 4WD). There is also a choice of purchasing this machine with a fixed operator station or deluxe operator station. As a result of all these various combinations, the total weight of the machine varies too.

The John Deere 5075M has a 5M hitch which has a maximum lifting capacity of 2041 kg (4498 lbs). If you own a JD 5075M, make sure to write up a detailed review below to let people know what you like and don’t like about it. Make sure to also include details like what kind of attachments/implements you use with it (front end loaders, backhoes, etc.). If you have made any modifications to it, please include them also.

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