John Deere 4755

The John Deere 4755 row crop tractor is one of the less well known models in the 4055 range that was produced in the late eighties and early nineties. This tractor is certainly popular among row crop farmers, but it can be can be fitted with a front end loader (JD 840) as well as many other attachments, which make it great for other farming activities also. The JD 4755 comes with a choice of 2 different chassis, either a 4X2 2WD or a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The 4X2 2WD model comes with a Quad Range transmission set up. This gearbox gives the tractor 16 speeds going forwards and 6 for when it’s reversing. The 4X4 MFWD 4WD model has a Power Shift transmission that gives it 15 gears traveling forward and 4 for when it’s reversing.

The John Deere 4755 tractor has a wheelbase of 3 m (118.5 inches). The rear wheels on the JD 4755 each measure 20.8-38 (20.8 inch width, 38 inch rim diameter) while the front wheels each measure 11-16 (11 inch width, 16 inch rim diameter). The engine powering the wheels is designed and built in house by John Deere themselves. This engine is a turbo charged 6 cylinder model that produces a maximum of 180.4 hp.

This engine powers the hydraulics system on the JD 4755. This is a closed system that operates at 174.4 bar (2530 psi). It has a pump flow rate of 111.7 liters per minute (29.5 US gallons per minute). This system powers the rear 3 point hitch (category 3) to have a lifting capacity of 2640 kg (5821 lbs), but with a lift assist cylinder this can be increased to 3201 kg (7057 lbs). Thankfully the John Deere 4755 comes with a Sound-Gard cab as standard. If you are looking for a larger model, then the John Deere 4955 row crop tractor is the largest model in the series. However, if it’s something smaller that you are after then the John Deere 4455 or the John Deere 4555 tractors may take your fancy.

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