John Deere 4010

Having a good quality tractor is as essential for a farmer as having a good quality racquet for a tennis  professional.

John Deere 4010 is another successful model manufactured by the guys over at John Deere. It is regarded as a bigger version of John Deere 3010.

The production of the JD 4010 began in 1960 and production lasted for three years. Production was primarily done in the United States of America, but some of the production was also carried out in Mexico.

The JD 4010 has got an 80 HP, 6 cylinder engine. This makes it one of the most powerful farming tractors of the 1960s. The engine runs on gasoline like most of the other tractors falling in this segment. The manufacturing and engine design has been done in house by John Deere. The fuel capacity of this model is a whooping 34 US gallons.

The John Deere 4010 is known for its super quality transmission. It has got 8 forward gears, along with 3 reverse gears. The model is equipped with a dry disc clutch.

The JD 4010 stands heavy at 7,100 lbs. One of the highlights of this model is its wheelbase. It has got a wheelbase of almost 100 inches. This feature makes the tractor extremely safe for movement on any kind of surface.

One of the tempting features of John Deere 4010 is its power assist steering wheel. This makes the machine extremely user friendly. The coolant capacity of this model is around 23 liters. This enables the user to use the machine for long hours without worrying about coolant refill.

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One Review of the “John Deere 4010”

  1. Juan says:

    it is one of the best tractors for a small farm and for small and moderately big jobs you will not be disapointed

    Year of Manufacture: 1963
    Pros: Very durable lot of power fuel efficient very safe
    Cons: some steering problem … being from the 60’s it doesn’t start without a jump
    Attachments: 10′ blade large hay mower baler bale wagon
    Modifications: it had a slight paint touch up

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