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The John Deere 2800 tractor is the second largest in the 2000 series. It first started to come on the production lines and was available for sale in 1993. The tractor is powered by a diesel, turbocharged engine. This is a 4 cylinder engine that has a total displacement of 4.2 liters. The engine has a dry type air filter attached to it which prevents dusts and other particulate matter from getting sucked into the combustion chambers where it has the potential to clog them and even damage them. The power output from this engine comes to 100 hp.

The power from the engine on the John Deere 2800 is transferred to the wheels through a choice of 2 different gearboxes. The first gives the JD 2800 16 speeds going forward and 4 for when it’s reversing. The other transmission choice gives it 8 speeds going forward and 8 for reversing. The engine powers the wheels on the tractor, but also powers the hydraulics system which is responsible for the power steering and rear hitch. The rear hitch is a category 2 which can work with a large range of different attachments. A front loader can also be attached increasing the range of chores that it can complete.

The John Deere 2800 tractor has a shipping weight of 1451 kg (3200 lbs). It is available with either 2WD or 4WD MFWD, depending on your preferences. It also comes with the option of either a cab or an open operator station. If you like, love or hate the JD 2800, then you can let others know by leaving a review of your experiences with it. All you need to do is fill in the form below and rate your overall satisfaction with it as well as it’s performance, safety and reliability. Try to cover both it’s good and bad points so that potential purchasers get a good overall idea of what to expect.

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