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The John Deere 2700 tractor is one of the larger tractors in the 2000 series. Smaller models include the John Deere 2200, the John Deere 2300 and the John Deere 2400 tractors. This is a utility tractor from the nineties. What makes it interesting is that unlike most other modern JD tractors that were built by John Deere themselves, the JD 2700 was built by an outside contractor known as Zetor. Construction took place in the Czech Republic. The tractor is very similar to the rest of the models in the 2000 series. It has the option of coming with either a 4WD or a 2WD chassis as well as the option of being fitted with a cab or open operator station.

The John Deere 2700 tractor has a shipping weight of 1406 kg (3100 lbs). Once ballast, attachments, fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid are added though, this weight increases dramatically. The tractor gets it’s power from a turbocharged engine. This is a 4 cylinder diesel that has a total displacement of 4.2 liters. The max power output from the engine comes to 89 hp. The power from the engine is then transferred to the wheels of the tractor through a choice of gearboxes. The smaller is an 8 forward/8 reverse speed gearbox, while the larger gear box givles the JD 2700 16 speeds going forward and just 4 when it’s reversing.

The engine on the John Deere 2700 also powers the rear hitch which is a category 2 as well as the PTO. Below is a form to leave a review of this tractor. When leaving your review please mention the pros as well as the cons so that your review remains objective and as helpful as possible to people considering buying the JD 2700 tractor. There is also 4 buttons which you can use to rate the performance, safety, reliability and your overall satisfaction with the tractor.

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