John Deere 260

The John Deere 260 lawn mower is the bigger brother of the John Deere 240. This garden tractor lawn mower has a 0.534 liter, Kawasaki FC540V engine that has natural aspiration. This gasoline fueled engine produces 17 hp and uses an air cooling system to prevent any overheating of the engine. The oil reservoir should be kept at 1.6 liters of oil to keep the engine from suffering from extensive wear and tear. The engine uses a 12 volt battery to start the engine from a key-start ignition. When the engine is working, it uses a 15 amp alternator to power up the battery.

The John Deere 260 was in production for a total of 4 years from 1987 until 1991 when production on it ceased. All production took place in John Deere’s Horicon assembly plant which is located in Wisconsin. The Kanzaki transmission on this JD mower gives it 6 speeds when traveling forwards and just one speed for reversing. It has a top speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph). The mower deck that comes with this model as standard has a cutting width of 46 inches, although it’s total width is actually a lot higher due to the discharge flap located on the side of the mowing deck.

The John Deere 260 is a very versatile machine. Anyone who has one usually uses it for more than just cutting their grass. This is because there are a number of implements that can be attached to it (some are front mounted while others are mounted on the rear). These include a 42 inch John Deere snowblower and a 46 inch front blade that are both attached to the front of the JD 260. On the back you can attach things like an optional bagger for collecting the grass clippings as well as utility carts and other useful attachments. If you own one of these lawn mowers, then please leave a review below to let people know what they can expect from using it.

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5 Reviews of the “John Deere 260”

  1. Loren Brake says:

    Just bought it not to long ago with 1029 hours on it and it still runs strong after all the use its seen. Gotta replace traction belt finally and deck belt. Bought it cheap and I’m throughly impressed with quality of machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: Strong and durable. Motor is powerful
    Cons: Belts wear out
    Attachments: 46 in mower dexk

  2. Shawn Veltman says:

    I purchased my 260 new in 1990 and it is still running great after almost 30 years and more than 700 hours of use.

    Pros: A well designed, durable machine with nice safety features. Engine is great and it has plenty of power for even tall grass

    Cons: The brakes are not the best for hilly terrain and mower chute is a tree catcher

    Year of Manufacture: 1990

  3. Jesse says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 1989
    Pros: I bought this tractor for $300 from someone who thought the motor was toast because it would not start.. Well after tinkering with it and running numerous test I discoverd the ignition had to be replaced as well as the $150 bucks later it ran like a well oiled machine! Mine has the 48″ deck and is still in great shape. I have since torn down the machine re-painted stickers and AG tires.
    Cons: The bolts rust out easy and had to replaced.

    Eats belts

    Attachments: 42″ Snow/Dirt Blade

    Pull cart

  4. Russell says:

    Outstanding mower. Both my 260 and 240 are hands down the best mowers ever made (better than JD 316 and 318, no question about it). Will plan to replace engines if they ever fail and keep mowing on both of my tractors, there is no better than these models available new today!

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: Rugged, virtually indestructible mower. Steering, being U joint, etc. is far better than its successor, the GT242, GT262. Gear transmission is also far superior to the hydrostatic models (245, 265, 285) in the same series as they tend to wear out far in advance of the gear tractors.

    Once the motor shut off while mowing and could not get restarted after many attempts (running down battery cranking and having to recharge). Replaced factory spark plug (after 20 years) and fired right up, mowed great. Simple fix.

    +3hp over the 240 (I have a 240 as well) is noticeable and allows me to cut wet grass much better than the 14 hp 240. Also noted to run quieter than my 14hp 240 of same model series/year.

    Cons: Deck lift (‘tree grabber’). The arm is in a bad location when floating the deck of driving with deck raised. Tends to grab anything in its path and usually whips back on the operator.
    Attachments: 46″ mower deck

  5. Bob Johnson says:

    I bought this tractor with 581 hours on it, and it just turned over 700. It starts every time, runs strong, does not use more than the usual amoount of oil for a tractor with this many hours and I am glad to have it.

    Year of Manufacture: 1991
    Pros: Reliable, strong runner, good ride
    Cons: Eats belts, especially the engine to deck belt. The pulley should be replaced and this should cease. The lift handle is tough to lock down if there is much spring pressure on it.
    Attachments: 42″ Deck

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