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The John Deere 245 lawn mower is a fairly old model from the 1990’s. It’s not as well known as the likes of the John Deere 140 or John Deere 318, but nevertheless, it’s still another quality machine from JD. It was only on the production line for a period of 1 year from 1993 until 1994 when production on it finished up. All production took place in JD assembly plant in Wisconsin. A 14 hp, Kawasaki FC420V gasoline engine powers the JD 245. This gives it 14 hp to drive the wheels forward and turn the blade in the mower deck. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission that gives the John Deere mower unlimited speeds going forwards and in reverse.

As the engine powering the John Deere 245 is fairly small, it unfortunately does not come with an operator’s cab to protect the driver from the elements. But why would people need a cab if they only cut grass during dry summer days? It’s the fact that the JD 245 can be used for much more than just cutting your lawn during the summer. You are also able to add a huge amount of attachments to it and put it to use in other jobs. Obviously there is a bagger attachment to collect the cut grass clippings at the back of the machine. But there is also a number of other attachments.

You can use a snowblower for clearing your driveway. There is also a front blade attachment for clearing any kind of debris or earth. So you will be glad to know that if you do invest in a John Deere 245 lawnmower, you will get more uses out of it than just cutting your grass. Remember that if you do purchase a JD 245, that it’s imperative that you first inspect it fully to make sure that there are no mechanical problems with it, as it’s a fairly old machine.

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