John Deere 2440

The John Deere 2440 is an older, but still popular machine from the guys at JD. It tips the scales at 2154 kg (4750 lbs). The rear wheels on the JD 2440 measure 16.9-28 (16.9 inch width, 28 inch rim diameter) and the front wheels measure 6-16 (6 inch width, 16 inch rim diameter). The hydraulics system on this tractor is closed with a 37.9 liter (10 US gallon) capacity. The flow rate for this hydraulics system is 22.7 liter per minute (6 US gallons per minute). The fuel tank on the tractor can hold up to 73.8 liters (19.5 US gallons). Smaller tractors in the JD 2040 series include the John Deere 2040 and John Deere 2240 tractors, while if you are looking for something larger in the John Deere 2040 series and more powerful, then you should check out either the John Deere 2640 or the John Deere 2940 tractors.

The John Deere 2440 tractor enjoyed a run of 7 years from the mid-seventies until the early eighties (1976-1982). The engine that powers it is designed and built by JD themselves. This engine is a 4 cylinder model, powered by diesel. The engine on the JD 2440 is kept cool through a liquid cooling system that needs to be filled with 11.4 liters of water. The total volume of the engine comes to 3.6 liters. It’s keystarted with a 12 volt battery. The max power output from this JD diesel engine comes to 61 hp.

The engine on the John Deere 2440 transfers power to the wheels using a choice of 2 different transmission systems. The narrower choice gives you just 8 forward speeds and 4 speeds for reversing. However you also have a choice of a gearbox that gives you 16 gears going forwards, while in reverse, it gives you 8 gears. All in all the JD 2440 is a great model that can be used with a range of different attachments, making a popular utility tractor even today.

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