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The John Deere 2100 tractor is part of the older JD 2000 series of tractors that includes the smaller John Deere 2000 as well as the larger John Deere 2200. All of these tractors were actually manufactured by Zetor, not John Deere themselves. The tractors were built in the Czech Republic in a place called Brno. The JD 2100 tractor first appeared in 1993 and has long since ceased production. When originally buying it new, it came with a choice of 2 different chassis options. You could get either the 4×2 2WD or the 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis which cast a little more.

Many of the John Deere 2100 tractors that were purchased in Europe came with a cab to protect the driver, while many North American buyers got it with an open operator’s station. The tractor is powered by a 4 cylinder diesel engine. This engine has a total volume of 3.5 liters and it’s total power output comes to 62 hp. The power produced by the engine is transferred to the wheels through a transmission that gives the tractor 10 speeds going forwards and 2 for when it’s reversing. The driver controls the speed of the tractor using a set of hydraulic disc brakes.

The engine also powers the hydraulic system on the John Deere 2100. This is what gives the tractor power steering, powers the attachments like the front end loader and powers the rear hitch (which is a category 2). The weight of the JD 2100 when being shipped comes to 1179 kg (2600 lbs). This increases once it’s fueled up and ballast/attachments have been added. There is a form underneath this article that you can fill out if you would like to leave a review about the tractor. There are small buttons at the top of the form for you to rate the tractor’s performance, reliability and safety and overall performance.

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