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The John Deere 2000 tractor is in a series of tractors produced during the nineties. These tractors are distinct from the more recent JD 2000 series that includes the John Deere 2305, the John Deere 2320 and the John Deere 2520 tractors. The JD 2000 tractor first appeared for sale in 1993. The tractor was not built in any of JD’s usual facilities. Instead it was constructed in the Czech Republic by the manufacturer known as Zetor (so strictly speaking, it’s not a John Deere built tractor, even though it was marketed as a John Deere). The tractor is built on either a 4X2 2WD chassis or a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis. On the back of the tractor is a category 2, 3 point hitch that is powered by the hydraulic system which in turn is powered by the engine.

The engine powering the John Deere 2000 tractor’s wheels and hydraulic system is a 3 cylinder. This is a diesel engine that has a total displacement of 3 liters. The total power output from the engine comes to 49 hp. The engine powers the wheels on the tractor using a gearbox that gives it 10 speeds traveling forwards while in reverse it has only 2 speeds. The tractor is fairly easy to control due to the fact that it uses power steering along with hydraulic disc brakes.

When farmers were originally purchasing the John Deere 2000 tractor, they had a choice of getting it with either a roll bar (Roll Over Protection System) or a cab to protect the driver from the elements (with ROPS built into the cab). By using the review form below you can rate and comment on the JD 2000 tractor. There are a number of other similar models to this one in the ‘old’ 2000 series. These include the larger John Deere 2100, John Deere 2200 and John Deere 2300 tractors.

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