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The John Deere 200 lawnmower is first machine in the JD 200 series. It first started rolling off the assembly line in John Deere’s plant in Wisconsin in 1975. Production the the JD 200 only lasted 1 year however and production on it stopped in 1976. Unlike a lot of the ride on lawnmowers of today, that have engines with a power output often above 20 hp, the John Deere 200 has an engine with a power output of only 8 hp (that’s right! Eight horse power!). This is provided by a 0.305 liter Kohler K181QS engine. This 1 cylinder engine is gasoline fueled and air cooled. It uses a dry type air filter to clean the air intake before it enters the combustion chamber. The engine needs to have it’s oil level kept at 1.2 liters to make sure that excessive wear doesn’t take place.

The transmission on the John Deere 200 is a pretty simple one, giving the John Deere mower 4 speeds for traveling forwards and 1 for reversing in Hi gear and 4 speeds for traveling forwards and 1 for reversing in Lo gear. The gear box needs to be filled with 1.7 liters of transmission fluid to ensure good functioning. Even though this is just an 8 hp lawnmower, it has a very good maximum speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph).

If you are looking for a slightly newer model that is similar to the John Deere 200, then you should consider the John Deere 208 lawnmower. While if you are looking for something that’s a little bit bigger, but from the same series, have a look at the John Deere 210 mower. Do keep in mind that if you plan on buying this mower to use in your garden, it’s a good idea to fully inspect if first as it finished production 35 years ago, so you can be pretty sure that it’s had at least some knocks and bruises along the way.

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