John Deere 210

The John Deere 210 lawnmower superseded the John Deere 110 and was built by JD from 1975 until production ceased in 1987 in Horicon, Wisconsin. The bigger version is the John Deere 212 while the smaller version in the same line is the John Deere 200. This article is going to focus almost soley on the 210 lawn mower, but first we will briefly touch on the topic of the John Deere 210LJ which is a commercial loader in current production for JD. It’s PowerTech, wet sleeve, diesel engine provides it with 84 hp. It weighs in at 4720 kg (10,405 lbs) and it’s loader has a 3583 kg (7,900 lbs) breakout capacity while it’s bucket has a capacity of up to 0.96 cu m. Like all commercial vehicles produced by JD, this one is also painted all yellow, with black detailing. But enough about the JD 210LJ…

The John Deere 210 ride on lawnmower has a K241QS, 0.4 liter, 1 cylinder, gasoline engine that produces 10hp that transmits into 4 gears going forward and just one in reverse. The mower itself weighs in at 299 kgs (660 lbs) , while it is 1.16 m (46 inches) wide at it’s widest point and measures 1.71 m (67.5 inches) long. Fortunately for users, the engine is started via a 12 volt battery that is charged via an alternator, rather than a pull cord which was very common at the time.  The fuel capacity of the JD 210 is just 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons).

The John Deere 210 enjoyed a very long production run with little change to it, which was all down to fantastic design by the John Deere engineers before this wonderful machine went into production. It can still be seen in use today thanks to the quality of the parts and manufacture process.

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4 Reviews of the “John Deere 210”

  1. Ted Winter says:

    This thing will wear your leg out if you are mowing with it. Also does not have power steering. It is very good at other jobs. It is perfect width for blowing snow on sidewalk. The Engine is currently .030 oversize piston and crankshaft is .020 undersize. I rebuilt it in 1995 and 2015 and piston was .010 oversize in 1995 so it has been rebuilt at least 3 times. Trans is rebuilt. It stays on the Tiller now and is semi-retired. I have 1 other 210 that has center blade on it. It does a nice job of leveling a lawn or driveway.

    Year of Manufacture: 1975
    Pros: 1975 Model. Owned since 1995
    Cons: Has a clutch which i have to use to change direction
    Attachments: Tiller, Mower, Front Blade, Center Blade, Sleeve Hitch, Aftermarket rear blade
    Modifications: Roller bearings on steering box and Spindles

  2. Dale says:

    I have owned this 210 for about 20 years. It is mainly used to mow a 1/2 acre lot, but has also been used for snow plowing and hauling dirt, rocks, wood and mulch. Tough built tractor that has been very reliable and is easy to maintain and repair. Overall a great tractor that I would only consider replacing for one with a little more power (212 or 214) with hydraulic/electric lift.

    Year of Manufacture: 1976
    Pros: Heavy duty machine that was built to last. Straight forward design that is easy to maintain and repair.
    Cons: Non hydraulic or electric lift model.
    Attachments: 47” deck
    Front blade
    Power flow yard waste collection (bagger)
    Modifications: Mulching kit

  3. Bob says:

    Cutting 1/2 anchor grass,Tilling one anchor of garden with about 30 percent rocks,hualing fire wood from up the mountian,hauin rocks too

    Year of Manufacture: 84
    Pros: Heavy duty item,tiller is real tuff,blower works too .It’s old american made stuff= the best
    Cons: it’s old and needs love
    Attachments: Garden tiller with an extenion on each side 40+ inches, Blower and weights and chains, deck ,plow for snow/dirt,also made a plow to make my potato hills,aslo have a trailer for it too
    Modifications: Want to weld the axel together to achive posi as I have some nice hills here in western NY,Also a lot of rocks and the tiller just keeps going….

  4. David Dulmage says:

    Best lawn & garden tractor I have ever had. It’s still running strong at 25 years old and is my favourite of the lawn care equipment I have (I have two other lawn tractors and a John Deere F-525 front cut mower). It’s very reliable. Any problems I have had were due to age and abuse, brken starter cable end, worn ignition switch, mounting tabs broken off rectifier.

    Year of Manufacture: 1986
    Pros: Heavy duty construction, still supported by JD, easy to steer, good stability, runs and runs and runs with no problems.

    A real solid little tractor. I do a lot of cutting and snow blowing with it and use it occasssionally as a tow vehicle as well.

    Cons: Manual lift mechanism takes a fair amount of effort with out the optional assist spring. Button sticks in the lift lever, making it difficult to lock attachmente in the up position.
    Attachments: Well built and durable lawn mower deck (HO39) and single stage snow blower

    Modifications: Has a weght box permanently mounted at the rear of the tractor.

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