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The John Deere 1635 tractor was built for a total of 3 years in the late seventies from 1977 until 1979. The tractor was constructed in JD’s Getafe production facility which is located in Spain. The tractor is a small compact which was not particularly popular. As it was built in Spain, it’s mainly seen in Europe and only very rarely is it seen in North America (USA & Canada). The tractor is built on a 2WD chassis and wasn’t designed at the time to be used for particularly challenging jobs. The engine that powers the JD 1635 is a diesel that John Deere designed and built in house.

This diesel engine powering the John Deere 1635 is a 3 cylinder. The engine is prevented from getting too hot thanks to a liquid cooling system. The engine has a replaceable dry type air filter attached to it which prevents dust and larger particles from getting sucked in with the air intake. When people originally bought this tractor, it came without a cab or roll bar (ROPS). However many people have welded or bolted on their own improvised roll bar. Others have added a sun shade or even a cab to protect them from colder and wetter conditions.

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