John Deere 1630

The John Deere 1630 tractor is a fairly old model. It first appeared in 1973 and it’s production run ended in 1979. The tractor was constructed in one of two plants, one in Spain and the other in Germany. The tractor is powered by a John Deere 3179DL-01 engine. This is a naturally aspirated engine that has a total volume of 2.9 liters. The engine on the JD 1630 is liquid cooled and has 3 cylinders. The tractor is powered by diesel. It uses a dry type air filter to stop dust and other small particles from getting sucked into the engine with the air intake.

The John Deere 1630 had a choice of 2 different transmissions when you first bought it. The smaller one gives the tractor 8 speeds going forwards and 4 for when it’s reversing. The larger one double the gear choices, 16 going forward and 8 for reversing. The JD 1630 has a total shipping weight of 2131 kg (4700 lbs). The length of the tractor comes to 3.55 m (140 inches) while it has a wheelbase of 2.04 m (80.7 inches). The tractor is built on one of 2 chassis choices. The first is a 4X2 2WD and the other is a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis.

The front wheels on the John Deere 163o vary depending on the chassis. On the 2WD version, the front wheels measure 7.5-16 (7.5 inch width, 16 inch rim diameter), while on the 4WD version, the front wheels each measure 9.5-24 (9.5 inch width, 24 inch rim diameter). On both models, the rear wheels are the same size, each measuring 13.6-36 (13.6 inch width, 36 inch rim diameter). If you have ever owned or operated the JD 1630 tractor, then leave a review in the form below. You should mention both the good and bad points that you found with the tractor so that prospective purchasers have a good idea as to it’s pros and cons.

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