John Deere 1026R

The John Deere 1026R sub-compact utility tractor is part of the 1 Series from JD that also includes the John Deere 1023E tractor. This machine is built on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis and uses a Yanmar, model 3TNV76 diesel engine to power it. This engine is a 3 cylinder model that produces 25.2 hp and has a total displacement of 3.7 liters. The engine is prevented from overheating thanks to a liquid cooling system that holds up to 3.7 liters of water. The engine fires at a compression ratio of 23.5 to 1. The oil reservoir in the JD 1026R can hold up to 2.7 liters.

The engine powers the hydraulic system on the John Deere 1026R. This hydraulic system has a capacity to hold up to 12.3 liters (3.25 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid. It powers the rear hitch (limited category 1) to have a maximum lifting capacity of 650 kg (1433 lbs). The engine is keystarted with a 12 volt battery that supplies the engine with 500 cold cranking amps. It draws fuel from a tank that can hold up to 21.2 liters (5.6 US gallons) of diesel. The engine transfers power to the wheels using a 2 range (Hi/Lo) hydrostatic transmission. This gearbox gives the JD 1026R a max speed of 14.6 kph (9.1 mph).

The John Deere 1026R sub compact utility tractor is not the heaviest tractor ever produced by JD. It’s operating weight is just 654 kg (1444 lbs). From ground level to it’s highest point (the ROPS) is 1.96 m (77.5 inches). The JD 1026R has rear wheels that measure 26×12-12 (26 inch diameter, 12 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter) while the front wheels are smaller, measuring 18×8.5-10 (18 inch diameter, 8.5 inch width, 10 inch rim diameter). There is a mid PTO on this compact tractor which is compatible with either a 54 inch or 60 inch mowing deck. As well as a mower deck, it is also compatible with a John Deere D120 and John Deere H120 front end loader. On the rear, it can take a backhoe.

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One Review of the “John Deere 1026R”

  1. Al Koper says:

    Main complaints are the lack of steering boost, high idle and the reverse mower shut down.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Lots of power. I use the 60in belly mount mower that mows tall grass like crazy compared to the previous 2305 with 60″ deck. The loader joy stick is a great improvement. Location and operation of the 4 wheel assist lever is an improvement alongwith the joy stick lockout.
    Steering radius is super. Lots smaller that the 2305 which at the time seemed very good.
    Like the tilt steering wheel and with the removal of the long handled joystick you can easily get in and out of the seat in either direction
    Cons: Absolutely do not like the mower/engine shut down when in reverse. I get into some hilly spots with the front of tractor on the road and when a car suddenly appears I quickly try to back out of the way only to kill everything thus not getting out of the way. Also my yard design is such that one does a lot of backing. What a pain.
    The power steering is lacking power compared to the 2305 and there has been no improvement of hydraulic operation at lower rpm. especially steering assist.
    The right rear mower deck dolly wheel spring operated lock system sticks to the left too far. When going around an object during a sharp left turn the system will strike the object.
    The tractor has a higher center of gravity than the 2305 so know mowing on sides of waterways can be an adventure.
    What not design the front end so older attachments could be used such as the front blade.
    The rockshaft control lever was too far to the left therefore rubbing on the left side of the fender slot. In doing so the notch for retaining the lever in the “up” position was useless. Thus a running over a bump would cause the lever to move to the “down” position lowering any attached attachment. Had to “MIckey Mouse'” it by shimming the lever to the right.
    Seat suspension system improved somewhat over the 2305 but spring system must be designed for 160# operator as I at 235 bottom out the springs all the time. Not what I expected out of the new seat system. I see the air suspension seets are being shipped to the UK. Why???
    Must be due to the engine design but over 1500 rpm idle speed is way to high.
    Attachments: 60D quick hitch mower deck
    multi angle front blade
    Modifications: Had to use washers to shim the rockshaft lever to the right inorder to engage the “up” notch

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