Husqvarna MZ5424S

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The Husqvarna MZ5424S zero turn lawn mower is sometimes referred to by it’s model number which is 966 69 88-01. This 24 hp Husqvarna lawn mower is fitted with a 54 inch mower deck that houses 3 small sharp blades to give an efficient and clean cut. These 3 blades are housed inside the 12 gauge mowing deck. When in operation, the driver has a range of 3 different options for dealing with the grass waste. The first and easiest is to leave the setup ‘as is’ and allow the clippings to be discharged out through the plastic flap on the side of the deck. While this is pretty much effortless, you are then left with the grass clippings potentially rotting the grass below it and creating unsightly ‘dead’ patches throughout your garden.

If you don’t want these ‘dead’ patches then you should consider using a mulching kit to turn the clippings into a nutritious mulch that will quickly decompose and return it’s nutrients to the soil. However if you are someone who wants to leave the grass looking very neat and tidy, then you should consider the bagger that can be attached to the back of the Husqvarna MZ5424S which will collect all the clippings. Although you may find it a little irritating to have to constantly empty it during operation.

There are also a number of similar mowers to the Husqvarna MZ5424S 54 inch zero turn lawnmower that you may be interested in. These include the 52 inch Husqvarna MZ5225T lawn mower and the 48 inch Husqvarna EZ4824 lawnmower. While both of these are very similar to the MX 5424S, their cutting width is actually a little smaller. This lawn mower can cut up to 3.7 acres of grass every hour. If you would like to learn more, check it out on the official Husqvarna website by clicking here.

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