Husqvarna EZ4824

The Husqvarna EZ4824 48 inch, zero turn lawnmower is not quite as big as the 54 inch Husqvarna MZ5424S mower and far, far smaller than the massive 72 inch Husqvarna PZ7243FX zero turn lawn mower. This mower is also sometimes to referred to by it’s model number which is 966 61 29-01. The engine powering the EZ 4824 is a 24 hp Briggs & Stratton Endurance series and is an air cooled engine. This twin cylinder, 0.724 liter gasoline engine comes with a standard type air filter to clear the air intake of any particulate matter that could potentially disrupt the combustion process. Using a ZT2800 Hydro-Gear dual hydrostatic transmission, power is transferred from the engine to the rear wheels.

This gives the Husqvarna EZ4824 zero turn mower an impressive top speed of 10.5 kph (6.5 mph). While the rear tires on it are quite big, measuring 20×8-8 (20 inch diameter, 8 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter), the front wheels are considerably smaller measuring in at 11×5-5 (11 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 5 inch rim diameter). One of the main reasons that the front wheels are much smaller is that they carry very little weight, but more importantly, they are not needed for traction or for steering as the rear wheels are responsible for both traction and steering.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna EZ4824 zero turn lawn mower has a cutting width of 48 inches. This makes it perfect for handling areas of grass from 1 acre up to 7 acres or more. This machine is pretty much only ever used by professionals for mowing things like large public gardens, playing fields and parks. You can also buy a large bagger for this machine to collect the grass clippings. If you are interested in learning more about this zero turn mower from Husqvarna, then you can check it out on the official site by clicking here.

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