Cub Cadet Tank S6032D

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The Cub Cadet Tank S6032D zero turn lawn mower is a slightly more powerful model than the Cub Cadet Tank S6031 lawn mower. This is thanks to a diesel fueled engine that provides a power output of 31.2 hp. This Yanmar engine has 3 cylinders and use overhead valves. As the engine is a large one with a displacement of 1.33 liters, the engine is liquid cooled. Like most of the engines on Toro Tank lawnmowers, this one uses a dual element, heavy duty air filter to purify the air intake before it enters into the engine. The engine on the S 6032 D is keystarted via a 12 volt battery that uses a 40 amp alternator to recharge it once the engine is up and running.

There are a set of twin fuel tanks on the Cub Cadet Tank S6032D zero turn lawn mower. Each of these holds 26.5 liters (7 US gallons), which gives it a total fuel capacity of 53 liters (14 US gallons). The mower deck on the S 6032D is very similar to that on the Cub Cadet Tank M60-KH and the Cub Cadet Tank M60-KW lawnmowers as all these mower decks have a cutting width of 60 inches. In total there are 3 blades housed inside the deck on the S 6032 D. Each of these blades have a 21 inch length.

The deck on the Cub Cadet Tank S6032D is made from 10 gauge fabricated steel. However, specific areas of the deck have different thicknesses for durability. The operator can adjust the deck in small 0.25 inch increments from a low of just 1 inch above the ground to a high of up to 5 inches above the ground for when you are cutting particularly long and/or wet grass. There is an optional mulcher kit available for the S 6030D lawnmower, but unfortunately there is no standard bagger unit for it. You can also use a snow blade with this machine.

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