Cub Cadet LT1050

The Cub Cadet LT1050 garden tractor lawn mower is powered by a Kohler Command CV730 engine which provides it with a max power output of 26 hp. This engine is a twin cylinder model that has a total displacement of 0.725 liters. The engine is kept running well using a full pressure lubrication system which keeps everything oiled and free moving. The oil reservoir has a capacity to hold up to 1.9 liters of oil. The starting set up on the LT 1050 is similar to a lot of other tractor lawn mowers from Cub Cadet, like on the Cub Cadet SLT1554 and the Cub Cadet SLT1550 garden tractor lawnmowers. It uses a 12V battery in a key starting system that gives the engine 235 cold cranking amps.

Power from the Kohler engine on the Cub Cadet LT1050 lawn mower gets to the rear wheels thanks to a hydrostatic transmission from Hydro-Gear. This transmission system means that you don’t have to ever change gears, making the LT 1050 an automatic. The Hydro-Gear transmission allows the lawn mower to reach a top speed of up to 8.4 kph (5.2 mph) going forwards and up to 3.7 kph (2.3 mph) when it’s moving backwards. The fuel tank can hold up to 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons) of gasoline.

The mower deck on the Cub Cadet LT1050 lawn mower has a total overall width of 54 inches, even though the cutting width is only 50 inches. The total weight of this machine is 238 kg (525 lbs). When using the disc brakes, you are able to get a minimum turning radius of just 18 inches, which is quite reasonable for tractor mower this size. The mower has a total length of 68 inches and a wheelbase of 46 inches. From the ground to the highest point on the tractor is 43 inches. You’ll be glad to know that there is cruise control on the LT 1050 as standard.

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6 Reviews of the “Cub Cadet LT1050”

  1. Terry J Bayliss says:

    This mower has 3300 hours on it mowing 7 acres. It also moves my log splitter in the winter and pulls boat trailers around the lot. It has been very reliable. Finally had to change belt pulleys at 2700 hours. With proper maintenance this mower will last another 10 years.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Never fails to start plenty of power.tight turn for a tractor
    Cons: Slow reverse. Drive belt a pain to change
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  2. Jim says:

    I have had this tractor since new 2006 as of 5/15/18 it has 400 hours cutting 1.25 acres once a week when no snow. It has never not started and cut. I have had these exact mechanical problems other than wear items hood screws vibrated out and steering pinion stripped out. I’m semi mechanical and made the repairs myself. With the amount of usage not sure if its good test but accurate for what it is. I am a Cub fan and will be buying Cub Cadet zero turn soon and taking the 1050 to the cottage will probably outlast me. Peace!

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: Always starts
    Motor Strong
    Cuts nice
    Deck good sized for 1.5 acre
    Very Reliable
    Cons: Slow forward speed
    Slow reverse speed
    Attachments: Mulching Kit
    Modifications: none

  3. Harry Coffman says:

    I would like to thank Cub cadet/MTD for forcing me to learn more about mower/small engine maintenance. I bought this model from Home depot. I spent the money for the extended warranty which is worth nothing as no one will work on this POS. I would have had to ship the mower 150 miles for warranty work. No one local would work on it. As I had to do the repair work myself I found the design difficult to work on. I see no reason to make repairs or even access to common components such as the carburetor that difficult.

    I will not purchase Cub cadet/MTD products again. I will not purchase large mowing equipment through Home depot again. I thank you for making me a better mechanic.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: Seat is comfortable. Large fuel tank. wide deck. Lots of safety devices.
    Cons: Deck belt broke in first season. Wiring issues. Had to disconnect headlights. Right cylinder coil didn’t fire when it arrived. Ran poorly until left cylinder coil failed and didn’t run at all. Had to replace both coils. Difficult to change oil. Modified oil drain to facilitate oil change without making mess all over mower deck to change oil. Carburetor accessibility. Very difficult to access carburetor. Must remove to cowling to access carburetor. Must remove gas tank to remove cowling. Had to replace carburetor.
    Modifications: Replace carburetor. Replace deck drive belt. Disconnect wiring from headlights, shorting battery. Modified oil drain assembly to avoid getting oil on mowing deck.

  4. dmeeker says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Cons: have had for four years transmission trash won’t go uphill
    replacement 950+++ will never ever do again

  5. Vernon L King says:

    BAD I hope this review prevents others from buying for NAME SAKE thinking they are getting a Great Mower. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!! Mower Built 03/2013 Model # 13W091AP009.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Engine has ample Horse Power to do the job 24Hp Kohler. The hydrostatic drive works smoothly, but waiting for it’s undersized belt to break too.
    Cons: The deck components are junk or at least for a 50″ mowing deck they need to be more heavy duty. One season and idler pulleys worn out deck drive belt broken, no way to adjust. The top side of deck chugs up with grass cuttings etc. This mower was designed supposedly to cut up to three acres. I am strick about maintenance and only have about one acre to mow and this mower is NOT CUTTING IT! NEVER buy Cub Cadet again! Too bad they don’t enforce recalls on mowers, their warehouse’s would fill up with this junk. TOO many annoying safety features, on rough terrain blades constantly disengage as you bounce on the seat and mower tries to shut off, got to have the red light on to back up. However, the piece of krap is safe, especially when it’s sitting broken.
    Attachments: NONE can’t afford the NECESSARY parts it takes to keep it going. Man it costs $75.00 at the discount tractor store for a deck belt, who wants any extra overpriced krap??
    Modifications: NONE but soon I will be dismantling, selling the parts on e-bay to highest bidder and go buy a Sears Craftsman 48″. Checked it out and everything on the deck is heavy duty including the BELT. Amazing a one year old mower and customer ready to sell it for parts. Junk Junk Junk!!

  6. Tom Branum says:

    Poor. I should have stayed with John Deeres.

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: Powerful engine, cruise control
    Cons: Mower deck clogs up easily, cuttings accumulate under pulley covers,
    Water hose cleanout fittings are worthless, hard steering, belt cannot be tightened as it stretches because the idler pulley is all the way back against the passing belt when it is new, bolts holding spindles work lose,

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