Cub Cadet HFF1748

The Cub Cadet HFF1748 self propelled lawn mower is a walk behind model that is quite similar to the Cub Cadet H1748 lawn mower as they both have the same cutting width as well as engine power. However there are a good few differences between the 2 machines. The HFF 1748 lawn mower powers the wheels and mower blades through a twin cylinder Kawasaki engine that has overhead valves. This engine is thankfully started electrically which means that you don’t have to worry about pulling on a recoil starting system. A fully pressurized lubrication system is used to keep the engine oiled throughout operation so that it doesn’t seize up or wear excessively.

The Cub Cadet HFF 1748 lawn mower uses dual hydrostatic pumps from Eaton together with wheel motors to power the rear wheels. These rear wheels have a quality turf thread with gives fantastic traction without the risk of them tearing up your lawn. The front wheels don’t need to provide much grip and as a result are smooth as their main job is to keep the mower deck elevated while at the same time allowing the HFF 1748 to easily turn.

The mower deck on the Cub Cadet HFF 1748 has a cutting width of 48 inches, but it’s total width is closer to 60 inches thanks to a very large discharge flap attached to the right hand side of the deck to channel the grass clippings away from the deck in a controlled manner. The mower deck on the HFF1748 has a number of anti scalping wheels along with a nose roller to help make sure that the deck stays elevated above the ground as you travel over it. The total weight of the Cub Cadet HFF1748 walk behind lawn mower comes to 249.5 kg (550 lbs).

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