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The Cub Cadet H1748 self propelled lawn mower is very similar to the Cub Cadet H1536 lawnmower, except that it’s much larger and a little bit more powerful. The engine powering it is a Kawasaki twin cylinder with overhead valves. This engine is something that you would normally find on a ride on lawnmower as it produces 17 hp. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about a pull start transmission as it’s started electrically. The Kawasaki engine powers the H1748 up to a max speed of (7mph) which means that you could potentially be jogging behind it just to keep up with it.

The Kawasaki engine transfers power to the rear wheels through a dual Hydro-Gear pump/Parker wheel motor system. This system is controlled via the pistol grip handle bars. Slowing the Cub Cadet H1748 down is done using internal drum brakes also controlled from the pistol grip handle bars. The mower deck on the H 1748 is engaged manually. This deck is made from fabricated 10 gauge steel. The 3 blades housed inside the deck are engaged using a manual PTO. All three blades are driven using a belt drive system.

For dealing with the grass clippings on theĀ  Cub Cadet H1748, the standard option is to just discharge them out the side onto the lawn. However, this is not acceptable to everyone. If you feel that this is unacceptable, then you can instead use an optional mulching kit to turn the clippings into a fast rotting mulch. Or alternatively you can use a rear bagger attachment to collect them which will make your lawn look a whole lot neater. If you are looking for something that’s even larger and more powerful than the H1748 lawn mower, then you should check out the Cub Cadet H1952 lawnmower.

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