Cub Cadet GTX1054

The Cub Cadet GTX1054 lawnmower is the ‘mac daddy’ of the 1000 series from Cub Cadet. It has a massive Courage engine that is built by Kohler. This V twin cylinder motor produces a massive 27 hp that makes the likes of the Cub Cadet LX1040 ride on lawnmower and Cub Cadet SLTX1054 tractor lawnmower look very tiny in comparison. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission system. This is very well designed for users of the GTX 1054 as it means it’s an automatic and that they don’t need to be constantly fiddling with a gear stick when they want to speed up or slow down.

The Cub Cadet GTX1054 is very durable for a number of reasons. The front axle is constructed from cast iron so that the chances of it breaking are very minimal. The mower deck is also very tough thanks to the fact that 11 gauge steel has been used in it’s construction. The mower deck on the GTX 1054 has a cutting width of 54 inches, although it’s actually much wider than this due to it’s discharge flap located at the side of the deck. Rather than using one large blade in this deck, there is instead 3 smaller blades that work more efficiently to cut your lawn. The mower deck can be adjusted very accurately in increments of 0.25 inches. The mowing deck also uses QuickAttach technology to allow you to attach or detach it in mere seconds.

As Cub Cadet is a large company, they have also expanded the choice of implements that you can attach to to it for other jobs around your garden or yard. There is a front mounted snow blower as well as aerators, sprayers, rollers, dethatchers, carts and hoppers. Don’t forget that the GTX 1054 comes with cruise control as standard.

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7 Reviews of the “Cub Cadet GTX1054”

  1. Josh says:

    I was always a John Deere fan as most but I happened upon an amazing deal at home Depot. Biggest cub cadet Mower was $3299 normally & it had been returned with 4 hours on it & was priced at $1200!!
    I talked to the depot mower guy & he said this was the 4th mower an older guy had returned & he couldn’t find anything wrong, so I couldn’t resist & after almost 13 years, it’s still good as ever.. highly recommend!!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: 12 years of hard service & still mows great & very powerful
    Cons: Can’t complain, normal stuff. Changed battery,belts,oil regular & front tires are about shot but again 12 years of mowing my 2 acres about every 2 weeks

  2. BRUCE R HUGHES says:

    I’ve been very happy with this unit, It’s very stable on side hill’s, cut’s very fast, plenty of power. Wades through high grass with NO problem.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Very power full been cutting 2.5 acers for ten years only changed belts twice
    Cons: small problem with the left lift on the deck
    Attachments: 54 inch mower deck

  3. Jeremy says:

    It’s is a god awful, worthless, underwhelming excuse of a lawn mower. They worse thing you will ever use.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: None
    Cons: Pile of crap. Worse mower ever made.
    1. Steering rack has broke multiple times.
    2. Steering bushings wore out
    3. Steering pinion wore out
    4.i has to self on deck lift supports bracket broke
    6. Spindle went out and the other two are getting close.
    7. Belt broke
    8. Geese zerks pull out of the metal when used. They aren’t threaded in, they are press in garbage.
    9.motor is very underpowered. Easily 5 hp less than what it’s “rated”
    10. This is all with less than 120hrs on the mower.
    11. Friend of mine had this exact mower and finally sold it because he was having just as many issues.

    Please do not waste your money. MTD has ruined this brand with absolute garbage. I will never own a cub cadet again. What a pile of absolute rubbish. I would rather push mow than use this thing.
    Oh and the starter can hardly turn it over, especially after it’s warmed up.

  4. Zeke Cory says:

    Total piece of crap. Never again will I buy a Cub Cadet product. You will regret it if you do too.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: None
    Cons: Bought brand new at Home Depot. Worst piece of crap I ever owned,. Pulley tore right out of mower deck after 3 seasons, wont start now even with new battery , Don’t ever buy a Cub Cadet … you will be sorry.
    Attachments: Tractor and worthless mower deck/

  5. douglas says:

    it cheaply made poor design

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: it could be a good tractor if mtd was not so cheap in their materials.I am rebuilding a John Deere 300 made in 1980 because of the crap of todays tractors ,that are made so cheaply
    Cons: plastic pulley system to raise and lower deck is a bad design. I am thinking of having a machine shop metal pulleys and using heavier cables unless mtd got a replacement for their poor designs

  6. JBP says:

    see ‘cons

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: powerful engine. wide mower deck, sharp turns
    Cons: Piece of crap. Bought two years ago brand new. Since then, over 260+ hours:

    1. Mower deck belts – have replaced 4 times
    2. Starter replaced once
    3. Drive belt replaced once
    4. Front mower deck sway bar replaced once
    5. Front wheel fell off during use
    6. Battery replaced
    7. Had to re-weld the mower deck lift brackets
    8. Had to replace the mower deck grass chute lower brace
    9. added oil change extension tube vice draining on deck
    10. cussed more than once.
    11. Had to add an extra pulley that is used when the mower deck belt stretches after break-in, because then it rubs against a pulley
    11. mower deck pulley cover screws strip out after one or two uses
    12. added an ‘anti-jump’ bracket in two places to cut down on the number of times the mower deck belts jumps off. It still jumps off a couple of times every week.
    13. With a new battery and starter, still can barely get the mower to turn over fast enough to start.

    and lastly,

    14. Yellow color is still a little too orangish, needs to be a bit more yellow, like a REAL LEMON.

    and I might have forgotten some other things about this dad-ratted piece of crap.

  7. Ben says:

    its a good mowr but you need to get the extended warrenty or get a pully kit before you mow. replace the guide and the pulley spring and it runs like a champ. im a little dissapointed but not totaly put off. it has a few kincks that need worked out but so does everything when you first get it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: not sure this is my first riding mower.
    i noticed it turns great, and can back up with out killing the PTO.
    the deck washing sytem is awesome it works very well.
    Cons: i had 3 hours on mine before it went down
    it doesnt like to start on a lower idle speed. not sure if it aplies to a mower but i like to idle up to start and idle down to stop, giving the engine time to warm up and cool down some.
    if you set you deck to the lower settings it will throw the belt.
    i have called several shops about it and how to fix it, they all say the same thing. get a better tensioner spring, belt guide and a larger pulley to easy the stress on the lower cuts. one shop sells a kit for this but it is only covered by if you get the extended warrenty. from what i have read and heared from the shops and online is that the deck is just too big for that mower and there is too much stress on the belt at lower setting.
    i was also told that lowering the deck wheels will help.
    i also noticed that the deck covers are not painted on the underside. my has surfice rust after sitting a few days since i cleaned it.
    Modifications: the belt guide on the tensioner pulley is way to weak. my bent when the belt came off. the lower deck setting can make it jump a belt.
    the tensioner spring need beefed up my came off after only 3 hours.
    paint the entire underside of the deck guards.

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