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The Cub Cadet GT2000 lawnmower is the smallest machine in the Series 2000 lawnmower line produced by Cub Cadet. Bigger models include the Cub Cadet GTX2100 and the Cub Cadet GTX2154 lawn mowers. These machines are all ride on tractor lawn mowers. The GT 2000 is a V twin cylinder Command engine that was designed and built by Kohler. The power output of the engine comes to 20hp. This power then reaches the wheels of the vehicle through a hydrostatic transmission. This makes operating it super easy as it means that to speed up, all you need to do is simply press down harder on the pedal, while to slow down, you just need to ease up on the gas pedal.

The Cub Cadet GT2000 lawn mower has a choice of 3 different mower decks that are compatible with it. The smallest is a mower deck with a 42 inch cutting width. This deck has 2 smaller blades rather than one large blade. The next biggest mower deck has a cutting width of 50 inches and has 3 blades within the deck as opposed to one large one. The largest mower deck on the GT 2000 has a cutting width of 54 inches and also consists of 3 small blades. Do keep in mind that the total width of the mower deck will always be about 10 inches larger than the cutting width do to the discharge flap being located on the side.

Each of the mower decks on the Cub Cadet GT2000 can be adjusted from 1.5 inches above the ground to 4 inches above the ground. The mower deck has 10 different positions between 1.5 inches to 4 inches. The top speed of the GT 2000 is very impressive at 10.5 kph (6.5 mph). The fuel tank on this mower is very large, capable of holding up to 17 liters (4.5 US gallons) of gasoline.

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