Cub Cadet 524 WE Snow Blower

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The Cub Cadet 524 WE Snow Blower is a much bigger model of snowblower when compared to the likes of the Cub Cadet 221 HP Snow Blower. It is powered by a 0.21 liter, 4 stroke Cub Cadet designed and built engine. This power is then transferred into the wheels via an all wheel, positive traction drive system. This gives the CC 524 WE snow thrower 6 gears when traveling forward and just 2 gears for reversing. The engine uses a 110 V electric starter system that simply requires you to push a button. The capacity of the gas tanks is 1.9 liters of gasoline.

The Cub Cadet 524 WE snow blower has a clearing width of 0.61 m (24 inches) and a clearing height of 0.53 m (21 inches) which is almost always going to be large enough to take care of even very large falls of snow. Housed inside the ‘bucket’ of the 524 WE snow thrower is it’s auger which is constructed from steel to prevent deformation and breakages from coming into contact with debris like rocks and tree branches. The diameter of the auger is 0.3 m (12 inches). As this is a dual stage (2 stage) snowblower, there is also an impeller located at the center of the ‘bucket’. This sucks up the snow towards it and spits it out the chute. The impeller on the 524WE has a diameter of 0.3 m (12 inches).

The chute that channels the snow away from the clearing area on the Cub Cadet 524 WE snow blower is built to resist clogging to save the operator time and is constructed from steel. Sitting atop the chute is a steel deflector so that the operator can control more accurately where all the expelled snow lands. There is also a variation called the Cub Cadet 524 SWE snow thrower.

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