Craftsman LT4000

The Craftsman LT4000 garden tractor lawn mower is one of the older tractor mowers from Craftsman/Sears. The engine that powers the LT 4000 is a Kohler CV14S. This is a gasoline powered engine. This engine uses a splash lubrication system to keep everything moving without any hiccups or wearing too much. The max power output of this Kohler engine is just 14 hp which is a lot lower than any of the engines that currently come with Craftsman tractor lawnmowers. The fuel tank that feeds the engine with gasoline can hold a maximum of 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons). The engine is keystarted using a 12 volt battery. The battery is then recharged using a 15 amp alternator when the engine is running.

Power from the engine on the Craftsman LT4000 is transferred to the wheels through a gearshift transmission that gives it 6 speeds traveling forwards and 1 for reversing. Going forward, the LT 4000 has a top speed of 8 kph (5 mph) while in reverse it has a top speed of 2.4 kph (1.5 mph). This garden tractor lawnmower is compatible with a huge range of attachments from snow blowers to front blades as well as an aerator, seed spreader, dethatcher, sprayer and of course a bagger also.

The mower deck that comes with the Craftsman LT4000 garden tractor lawnmower has a cutting width of 42 inches. The total width of the mowing deck is actually higher than this due to the plastic discharge flap. The mower deck is raised and lowered using a spring assisted hand lever. The blades in the deck are belt driven and engaged manually. If you have ever owned or used the LT 4000 tractor mower, then please leave a review of your experiences with it below outlining what you liked and what you didn’t like about it.

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12 Reviews of the “Craftsman LT4000”

  1. James K Wheeler says:

    great mower pretty quiet steering is fine I am impressed with how old it is and how good it runs! The person took good care of it before I got it !

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: LT 4000 craftsman bought used 260$ with bagger and trailer it runs great paid for itself first time out picking up leaves and its still going!
    Attachments: is there a snow blower made for this Model # ? please help me
    Modifications: added some washers to linkage on mower deck engagment and brackets

  2. Dave M Ackerman says:

    I bought it to tow a trailer around the property but I also cut grass with it when I’m in a hurry or a bit lazy, not much grass. It’s condition when I purchased for 50 bucks was poor, I spent 300 bucks plus my labor to fix it up (tubes, belts, idlers, blades, deck spindles, and battery) It won’t die, looks rough but I love it. Only bad thing is the brakes are terrible.

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: plenty of power
    Cons: brakes are terrible
    Attachments: custom made 80 gallon lawn roller, trailer, front push blade
    Modifications: custom made higher capacity leaf basket to go in place of original bagger buckets.

  3. Jim Adams says:

    Tractor is still like new. Wish sears had a museum id donate it since was only made couple years.

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: No problems at all with this mower and motor. Grease ujoints start of season. Oil changes etc.Always ran well. Cut well. The B&S 15 HP I/C Gold engine performs flawlessly. All wheel steer makes getting around objects easy. Maybe not as well as a zero turn but close. Owned mower since new. Recently purchased a nice commercial zero turn to replace this mower. It is such excellent shape hate to part with it.
    Cons: Had to remove trailer hitch to better get to zerk fittings on rear axel ujoints
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  4. Larry Long says:

    I bought it new in 1993 and absolutely love this lawn tractor. I put it in 5th gear and just sit back and steer. I just bought it’s twin as a parts source. There are mutiple versions of the LT4000 and mine is the flat, not sloped, hood version (with louvers) with the battery under the hood, the gas tank behind the seat, and 20″, not 18″, rear tires.

    Year of Manufacture: 1993
    Pros: The Kohler engine is top notch. 25 years and still mowing every week. 6 speed manual transmission is just about bullet proof.
    Cons: Front axle is poorly designed and cheaply made pressed steel. The vinyl seat cover.
    Attachments: 42″ mower deck
    Modifications: After 25 years the deck broke. Since an exact replacement is no longer available I adapted a later model 42″ deck.

  5. Rob says:

    Fully satisfied with performance and reliability over the many years.

    Year of Manufacture: 1992
    Pros: Bought second-hand (or third-hand) from stranger in 2006. Still running strong and reliable. Brake did not work (and still does not), but using clutch works for me. I have never changed the oil and only changed the filters once. Continues to start easily…using screwdriver to cross solenoid. Very reliable mower even though I have not done normal maintenance. I simply start it and expect it to run…which it always has.
    Cons: AGE – hood attachments have rusted apart, so rattles and I must fully remove to access engine compartment. Ignition wires have broken, but I have not replaced ignition. Brake did not work when I purchased. Hole in muffler, so very loud and kills grass when stopped even for a minute.

  6. Hunter says:

    I love everything about it; the way it drives, comfortable to drive/use.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: This mower is absolutely amazing. 1994 model with 14 hp Kohler Command CV14S. Used to mow the grass, but the 6 speed manual transaxle was annoying, now I use a hydrostatic drive Craftsman LT1000. It’s my little toy, use it to tow things around and drive around the trails for fun. VERY well built machine, wish they still made tractors like these.
    Cons: The steering has quite a bit of play in it, manual transmission isn’t very practical for mowing, and hood rattles a lot when going over bumps.
    Attachments: 42″ mower deck
    Modifications: Plan to pully swap the transmission for speed, add a gas pedal, separate the clutch and brake, add a hand brake, and off-road tires to rear (and possibly front).

  7. Steve Bussell says:

    Overall this has been a great machine

    Year of Manufacture: 1994
    Pros: I have gone through a couple of decks the steering is very loose but overall this mower has been a dandy
    Cons: Steering design could have used better components
    Attachments: 42″ deck

  8. Susan says:

    First riding lawnmower that I have owned . Bought it second hand with 148 hours on it. Tough machine as I was pushing it hard in some brush and got stuck.. high centered it within 10 minutes.. . I got unstuck by myself by lifting the back end and then reversed back and forth. I could have bought a TORO second hand from the same guy, but like the 18 1/2 HP of this engine knowing how rough I am on stuff. I had fun mowing my one acre. tight turning around trees and a lot of landscaped area that need some tight turns. . My sister prefers her John Deere zero radius mower and kind of turned her nose up at my Craftsman, but for $695.00 second hand, I felt I got a fair deal.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Strong Engine, Good tires,Easy to check oil and fill gas. looks good, has a cup holder, and I was able to figure out the clutch, RPM lever, brake, gears, fairly quickly.

    Fits through a 48″ yard gate… a HUGE plus.

    Cons: Not a zero radius mower.
    Smaller deck than some others

  9. Michael McLaughlin says:

    Good solid machine

    Year of Manufacture: 20
    Pros: My dad gave me a used Craftsman LT 4000 when I moved into my house 17 years ago. With regular oil changes this machine just keeps on running. Have had the mower deck re-welded in a few spots, had the frame welded under the engine when it cracked, the engine Kohler Command has run very well. Tires and all belts are still original. Has good towing power, pull a trailer and boat around the yard to move from sheds.
    Cons: Steering is a bit loose
    Attachments: Mower deck

  10. Cindy Ryan says:

    Has been a great mower!

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: My dad bought his new from Sears. He gave it to us after he bought a new one. His LT 4000 was 25 yrs old when he gave it to us to use. It is still going at the age of 28 🙂 Needing new deck now but still runs strong.
    Really wish they still made stuff as tough as they use to.
    Cons: Hard to find parts now.

  11. Cal G says:

    Any machine that can take kids driving and mowing with it and survive has to be pretty tough. Deck is wearing out and will be replaced if I can still find one, but even the mower belt is original yet. Bearings in the deck have been replaced once but other than normal servicing parts, everything is still original. This machine is even tough enough to have towed a few cars around the driveway when batteries went dead. It has done a lot of towing, hauling and pushing all year long, besides just mowing an acre of lawn every week of a growing season for 20 years. I have to say, the transmission is pretty tough to endure what we have done with this machine. It’s big for what it is compared to new models, but when you get on it, you know you are on something heavy and solid for sure. For those of us who are farm and country boys, I’ll take big and solid to small and flimsy any day! The engine just runs and runs, uses very little oil so no complaints there. Over all, I would buy another one at twice the price.

    Year of Manufacture: 1994
    Pros: Built heavy and to last. Lots of metal parts, not as much plastic as those made today. Engine is a Command 14 Kohler and is a pressure lubed system, not just a splash as mentioned in the review. It has an oil pump with a spin on oil filter, just like a car. Mechanics are fairly easy to service throughout the unit.
    Cons: Deck is a little complicated to remove for service if you are not mechanically inclined but then, most are a pain anyway.
    Attachments: Blade, and tag along dump wagon.
    Modifications: None

  12. William Lynam says:


    Year of Manufacture: 1992
    Pros: Never had a single problem with this mower and I still use it to cut my acre of grass every other week. It still has all of the original parts, not counting the battery, belts, and blades. And it still looks good. Best riding mower I could possibly have owned. I never dreamed that this mower would still be running as good as it is after 20 years. What a deal I got back then.
    Cons: none
    Attachments: Bagger; De-thatcher; Aerator; Utility trailer
    Modifications: none

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