Craftsman 54 Inch 26 hp Lawn Tractor

The Craftsman 54 Inch 26 hp lawn tractor has the same cutting width as both the Craftsman Professional 28hp 54″ Garden Tractor Lawn Mower and the Craftsman 28985 Professional Premium 54″ 30 HP lawnmower, except that it’s not quite as powerful as either. The 26 horse power engine that does power it is a v twin model that utilizes a fully pressurized lubrication system to prevent the lawnmower engine from seizing up. The engine uses a paper type air filter to purify the intake before it enters into the combustion chamber. The total displacement of the engine comes to 0.725 liters. The engine is from Briggs and Stratton’s Pro Courage line. Thankfully this 54 inch 26 hp Craftsman lawn mower uses a pedal operated hydrostatic transmission to bring power from the engine to the wheels which gives it infinite speeds going forwards and infinite speeds when it’s reversing also.

The Craftsman 54″ 26 hp lawnmower is often called the Craftsman 28861. The 54 inch mower deck that comes with this model as standard houses 3 blades. The deck is made from 12 gauge steel and inside is housed 3 small mower blades. The mower deck is adjusted up and down in steps of 0.25 inches. The deck is adjusted fairly easily used a spring assisted lever.

The fuel tank on the Craftsman 28861 has a capacity to hold up to (4 US gallons) of gasoline which means that you can continue operating it for extended periods without needing to refuel it. No matter what your height, you will find operating this Craftsman lawn tractor fairly easy thanks to high back seat with arm rests that is highly adjustable. The top speed of this 54 inch tractor lawnmower from Craftsman is a very impressive 12.1 kph (7.5 mph). This lawnmower comes with a 3 year limited warranty to those purchasing it for the first time. Probably the best thing about this lawnmower is that it has an incredibly small minimum turning radius of just 8 inches thanks to it’s turn tight technology.

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One Review of the “Craftsman 54 Inch 26 hp Lawn Tractor”

  1. Carl Neb says:

    Unlike my last Craftsman LT 2000, this one has been a major disappointment and requires a good deal of time to keep it running. Having said all this I mow 4 acres of rolling land and it is not suited for the load. I bought this tractor on the advice of several salesman.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Large mower deck.
    Cons: Front wheels have come off during mowing. Can not handle moderate height grass and clogs frequently. The mower eats mower deck drive belts. It has poor traction. Grass has to be very dry to cut it with any satisfaction.
    Attachments: I have two trailers. One dump and one wagon.
    Modifications: Craftsman snow blade in winter.

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