Bad Boy 6000ZT

The Bad Boy 6000ZT zero turn lawn mower is the largest of the 2 models in the Badboy ZT series. The deck on the 6000 ZT has a cutting width of 60 inches, much like the Bad Boy CZT60 zero turn lawn mower. The engine powering the 6000ZT lawnmower is a Courage model from Kohler. This engine is air cooled and and has a total volume of 0.725 liters. The engine is started with a key start ignition and it uses a replaceable in line filter to clean the gasoline coming from the fuel tank, preventing any small particles getting into the engine, where they can wreck the firing process.

The engine on the Bad Boy 6000ZT transfers power to the mower deck through a belt drive system. This powers the 3 mower blades, each of which has a length of 20.5 inches. Operating the mower deck is very easy as it’s height is controlled electronically which means it has infinite heights from a low of 1.5 inches to a high of 5 inches above the ground. The deck is floating and has 6 anti scalping wheels attached to it so that it doesn’t scalp the ground you are traveling over.

The weight of the Bad Boy 6000ZT zero turn lawn mower comes to 389.2 kg (858 lbs) and it has an overall length of 74.5 inches. To the back of the 6000 ZT, you are able to attach a number of various implements like a de-thatcher, a trailer sprayer, an aerator, a roller as well as an utility cart. The smaller version of the 6000 ZT lawn mower is the Bad Boy 5000ZT zero turn lawn mower that has a 50 inch mower deck but the same powered engine. If you have ever operated this 60 inch zero turn lawn mower from Badboy, then please leave your thoughts on it below in a review.

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One Review of the “Bad Boy 6000ZT”

  1. Kenneth Donaldson says:

    Have had trouble with deck,only 51 hrs use and deck motor is not working.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Cons: Deck motor does not last in my use.

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