Bad Boy CZT60

The Bad Boy CZT60 zero turn lawn mower is the largest of the three models in the Commercial ZT range of zero turn lawn mowers from Bad Boy. The 2 smaller models in this range are the Bad Boy CZT42 and the Bad Boy CZT50 zero turn lawn mowers. The cutting width of the Commercial ZT 60 is 60 inches. The cutting width is achieved with three, 20.5 inch long mower blades. The blades are made from 1/4 inch thick steel that has been heat treated so that they stay sharper for longer. The blades are belt driven. The mower deck has a minimum operating height of 1.5 inches above the ground, but it can be raised as high as 5 inches when you are tackling thicker, longer grass.

There are a number of different options for dealing with the grass clippings from the deck of the Bad Boy CZT60. The first and easiest thing to do, is to simply leave the grass clippings get discharged out the side of the deck. If you don’t like having rotting grass on your lawn, you can try a mulcher instead which works to turn the grass clippings into a fast rotting and nutritious mulch. The last option is to just use a rear dual bagger attachment on the CZT 60 lawn mower to collect the grass clippings and dispose of them away from your garden. This is the neatest option for your lawn.

There is a choice of either a 27 hp Kohler Courage engine or a 23 hp Vanguard engine to power the Bad Boy CZT60 commercial zero turn lawn mower. Power from the engine gets to the rear wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission. This allows the operator to reach a top speed of 16.1 kph (10 mph) while controlling the machine with the lap bars in front of him.

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2 Reviews of the “Bad Boy CZT60”

  1. Michael Yerg says:

    Would recommend it to friends, bought through tractor supply, made them keep crated for me, because the steel crate is made of steel that you can use to fabricate if you know how to work it!

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: Price, simple assembly, just put on ROPs, mows great right out of crate!
    Cons: Cannot keep wife and kids off it!
    Attachments: Stock
    Modifications: Seat, bought upgraded on website, best thing!

  2. k. leonard says:

    my yard that is close to 1 1/2 acres. got some steep places and it performs flawlessly.

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: built like a tank. good ride with the front shock absorbers. responsive handling.
    Cons: can’t keep the women away from it because it’s just so sexy!!!
    Attachments: rops and spoiler.
    Modifications: none

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