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The Ariens Zoom 34 zero turn lawn mower is the smallest machine in the ‘Zoom’ range from Ariens. Larger models include the Ariens Zoom 42 and Ariens Zoom 50. The specific model number of the Zoom 34 lawnmower is 915157. This zero turn mower is powered by a 0.5 liter, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine that produces 14.5 horsepower. The engine is electric started using a keystart mechanism and a 12V battery. Power from the engine is then transferred independently to each rear wheel. This is done through a ‘Hydro-Gear’ EZT, dual hydrostatic transmission that makes controlling the machine very easy. The right and left lap bar in front of the driver control how much power is directed to the right and left rear wheel. Varying the amount of power each rear wheel receives is what enables the driver to turn the machine. This mechanism is what gives the machine the ability to execute zero radius turns.

The Ariens Zoom 34 lawnmower has a very decent top speed of 9.7 kph (6 mph) going forward and 4.8 kph (3 mph) when reversing. The mower deck itself is engaged using a electric Warner system and has 2 blades. As you can probably guess from the name of the machine, it has a cutting width of 34 inches. The deck can operate at 7 different heights, from 1 inch to 4 inches above the ground.

The front tires on the Ariens Zoom 34 zero turn lawn mower measure 11×4 (11 inches diameter, 4 inches width) while the rear tires each measure 18×6.5 (18 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width). The total weight of machine is not actually that high. It comes to 192.8 kg (425 lbs). The length of the Zoom 34 lawnmower is 1.63 m (64 inches), while it measures 1.07 m (42 inches) wide. For dealing with the grass clippings, the operator has a choice of either expelling them out the side, mulching them or collecting them in a bagger.

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