Ariens Pro Track 32 Snow Blower

The Ariens Pro Track 32 Snow Blower is one of the biggest, most powerful snowblowers that you can buy from Ariens. Unless you live in Siberia, you will probably never see an individual household that owns of these. They are almost exclusively used only by professional contractors and snow clearing crews for the simple reason that most people simply don’t need this much power to clear their driveways and paths. If you are looking for something a little smaller, then consider checking out the Ariens Pro Track 28 Snow Blower or the Ariens Deluxe Track 28 Snow Blower or even the Ariens AMP 24 Snow Blower.

The Ariens Pro Track 32 snow blower is powered by a 4 stroke, 0.34 liter Polar Force engine designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This is used to drive the snow thrower forward on it’s 0.14 m (5.5 inches) wide rubber tracks. The Ariens Pro Track 32 snow thrower has 6 forward speeds and 2 speeds when it’s reversing. The fuel tank on this model is capable of holding 2.7 liters of gasoline. You will be pleased to know that the Pro Track 32 has hand warmers as standard which allow you to operate it continuously without ever needing to go inside to warm them up.

The clearing width of the Ariens Pro Track 32 snow blower comes in at 32 inches (you can probably guess that from the name!). However the total width of this machine is actually a good bit more at 0.88 m (34.5 inches). It measures 1.56 m (61.5 inches) in length and has a height from base level to the tip of the handlebars of 1.14 m (45 inches). The total weight of the machine comes to 179.2 kg (395 lbs). The auger used on the ST32DLET has a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches) and has been constructed of serrated steel to easily break and destroy compacted snow. The impeller consists of 3 blades and has a diameter of 0.36 (14 inches).

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