Toro Z Master G3 72 Inch Lawn Mowers

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There are 4 different models that qualify as Toro Z Master G3 72 inch lawn mowers. All 4 lawnmowers are incredibly similar except for the fact that they all have different engines. The Toro 74927 is powered by a 29 hp Kawasaki motor. The Toro 74928 uses a Kohler EFI engine that pumps out 29 hp too. A 34 hp Command engine built by Kohler powers the Toro 74938 lawn mower. The Toro 74977 uses a 29 hp Kawasaki FX engine to power it’s wheels and mower deck. All 4 lawnmowers have a dual hydrostatic transmission which means that the driver can independently control each rear wheel. This is what enables it to perform zero radius turns. The speed and turning on all 4 Z Master G3 72″ lawnmowers is controlled by the left and right lap bar.

The mower decks on all the Toro Z Master G3 72 inch lawn mowers obviously have a cutting width of 72 inches. All 4 are ‘Turbo Force’ mower decks. These are all incredibly strong and robust, having been constructed from 7 gauge steel. The mower decks also have a number of features to give a really clean cut. The most important of these is the anti-scalping wheels located at the front of the mower deck that prevent it from catching the ground in front of it and potentially scraping it, leaving unsightly marks.

The mower blades used on all Toro Z Master G3 72″ lawnmowers have been heat treated. This prevents their sharp edges from wearing easily, so they remain sharper for longer. One of the really nice things about this series of zero turn lawnmowers is the fact that it’s very comfortable to operate thanks to a very comfortable seat which incorporates a 3D isolator to absorb a lot of the shocks and vibrations. Similar, but smaller models to the Z Master G3 72 inch lawn mowers include the Toro Z Master G3 52 Inch Lawn Mowers and the Toro Z Master G3 60 Inch Lawn Mowers.

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