Toro Z Master G3 52 Inch Lawn Mowers

There are 3 very similar Toro Z Master G3 52 inch lawnmowers. These are the 74903, the 74923 and the 78924 zero turn lawnmowers. All three of these lawnmowers obviously have the same sized mower decks. However it’s their engines that makes them different. The Toro 74903 mower has a 25 hp Command engine that is built by Kohler. The Toro 74923 has a more powerful Kawasaki engine that produces 27 hp. The Toro 74924 has 26 hp Kawasaki engine. All three Z Master G3 52 inch zero turn mowers feature Toro’s Turbo Force deck.

This deck is made from super strong 7 gauge steel that is highly unlikely to break or deflect even with heavy bangs and knocks. The blades inside the mower deck are made from 0.25 inch thick steel that are highly unlikely to bend or flex, even under very heavy loading. The blades on the Toro Z Master G3 52″ zero turn lawnmowers are heat treated to give them a long life before the get blunt. The height of the mower deck on each of the 3, 52 inch, Z Master G3 mowers can be adjusted from as low as 1 inch above the ground to up to 5.5 inches above the ground in small increments of just 0.25 inches allowing the operator to always get the cutting height he/she wants.

For dealing with the clippings from the Toro Z Master G3 52 inch zero turn lawn mowers, you have a choice of 3 options. The first is to just discharge them out the side which is by far the easiest. But this is not favored by a lot of people, so instead you can use a mulching kit which will instead turn the clippings into a nutritious mulch. The last option is to attach a bagger at the rear to collect the clippings. If you are looking for smaller models of the of the Z Master G3 52″ lawn mowers, then you should check out the Toro Z Master G3 48 Inch Mowers.

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