New Holland 72CSH Snow Blower

The New Holland 72CSH Snow Blower is compatible with the only a few tractors. These are the New Holland T2310, T2320, TC35A, TC35DA, TC40A, TC40DA and TC45DA tractors. The snow blower is attached to the tractor via New Holland’s special quick attach system that makes is quite fast to get the snow thrower up and running. Luckily this system also works with many other pieces of front mounted equipment as well. As the name suggests, the cutting width of the 72CSH comes in at 72 inches or 1.83 meters. The cutting height is 0.66 m (26 inches) which makes this a very formidable piece of machinery in the fight against large snow drifts.

The serrated auger housed in the New Holland 72CSH Snow Blower measures 0.38 m (15 inches) in diameter and is constructed from steel which is easily able to deal with large blocks of compacted snow and ice. Once broken up, the snow is then fed toward a four blade impeller that measures 0.61 m (24 inches) in diameter and fires the snow out of the chute.

The New Holland 72CSH snow blower is quite a heavy piece of equipment. It tips the scales at 308 kg (678 lbs), which means that without rear ballast, your tractor is in danger of losing a lot of traction with this attached, especially when you consider that it will be traveling over a lot of snow covered ground. Like most modern snow throwers these days, the 72CSH comes with adjustable skid shoes to prevent you from leaving excessive marks on the ground as you work. If you are looking for a smaller version of this snow blower, make sure to check out the New Holland 50CS Snow Blower or the New Holland 63CS Snow Blower.

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