New Holland 50CS Snow Blower

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The New Holland 50CS Snow Blower is a front mounted snow blower that is compatible with the New Holland 1020 and New Holland 1025 tractors as well as many others. This large snow blower is very powerful and thanks to it’s 1.27 m (50 inches) clearing width and 0.51 m (20 inches) height it easily tackles most snow drifts as well as compacted and wet snow. Like most tractor manufacturers, New Holland has designed a quick attach system for theier 50CS snow thrower to save you time and energy when setting it up.

Housed inside the New Holland 50CS snow blower is a 0.33 m (13 inches) serrated steel auger that happily crushes and pulverizes any snow in it’s path. This snow is then sucked toward the impeller fan and expelled out through the chute. The impeller is 0.41 m (16 inches) in diameter and consists of 3 blades.

When operating the New Holland 50CS, you need to manually rotate the chute, it’s not electronically or hydraulically controlled. Some people may find this a little frustrating (nothing is worse than having to spend time outside when it’s freezing cold!). On it’s own the 50CS snow blower weighs in at 137.7 kg (297 lbs). This is not particularly heavy, but you may find that adding a little bit of ballast to back of your tractor to be a good idea to re-balance it and provide it with more traction on slippery ground. This dual stage snowblower (sometimes referred to as a two stage snow thrower) is usually used by commercial outfits or people who have very large areas to clear as it’s just so big. You will almost never see it in a residential setting.

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