Massey Ferguson 90

The Massey Ferguson 90 is a tractor from yesteryear. It was produced over 3 years from 1962 until production stopped in 1965. Unlike a lot of engines that were fitted into MF tractors in those times, the MF 90 had only one choice of engine when you were buying it. Obviously when you buy it secondhand nowadays you may find that the engine has been replaced with something more powerful or more modern. The engine it was fitted with at the time of manufacture is a Perkins diesel engine that has 4 cylinders and a displacement of 4.9 liters.

All this power is then transferred via the transmission box to give the tractor 8 speeds going forward. The maximum power output from the engine is 69 hp (horse power). The Massey Ferguson 90 came with a category 2, 3 point hitch as standard. The power take off (PTO) on the MF 90 spins at 540 to 1000 rpm. In total the tractor weighs in at 3286 kg (7245 lbs).

The Massey Ferguson 90 may be an old tractor when compared to many newer models these, but you will occasionally find it still in operation across many farms where owners have been diligent and careful enough to properly maintain it.

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