Massey Ferguson 265

The Massey Ferguson 265 is one of the MF 200 series that includes it’s bigger brother, the Massey Ferguson 275 and it’s smaller brother, the Massey Ferguson 255. Like the other models in this series, it enjoyed a production run of 8 years from 1975 until 1983. It gets it’s power from it’s Perkins AD4.236, 4 cylinder diesel engine. This has an engine size of 3.9 liters and burns diesel at an average rate of 14.5 liters/hour (3.8 US gallons/hour). The engine uses a liquid cooling system that needs 10.4 liters of coolant to fully fill it and make sure that it operate properly to adequately cool the engine and prevent it from overheating. The engine needs to be topped up with 7.6 liters of oil before being operated to make sure that it’s properly lubricated. In total the Perkins AD4.236 produces 61 hp.

The engine is started with a 12 volt battery that is charged via a 37 amp alternator. When the machine was rolling off the production lines, the MF 265 came with an open operator station and the option of either a roll bar (ROPS) or a cab. Nowadays, every tractor produced thankfully comes with a roll bar as standard. The maximum capacity of the fuel tank on the Massey Ferguson 265 is 70 liters (18.5 US gallons). This means that on a full tank of diesel, the tractor on average can keep operating for just less than 5 hours without stopping. The rear hitch is a choice of either a category 1 or category 2, 3 point hitch and has a maximum rear lifting capacity of 1859 kg (4100 lbs).

The Massey Ferguson 265 comes with hydrostatic power steering which makes operating it very easy when compared to models from previous generations that constantly gave feedback, which most users can deal with for limited periods, but after a few hours it can become annoying. The maximum safe operating weight (including ballast) that the Massey Ferguson 265 can operate under is 3719 kg (8200 lbs). There are also 2 variants of the standard version available. These are the row crop and low profile models.

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3 Reviews of the “Massey Ferguson 265”

  1. Irene Shortall says:


    Year of Manufacture: 1979

  2. seth says:

    in the hardest of times it’s the last thing I would sell. Utterly dependable and very capable, one of the last of the truly unbustables

    Year of Manufacture: 1983
    Pros: Well mine has 11000 hours on her, had it since new… 1 new clutch, 1 set cab mount rubber (uk Sankey cab)… once gave the steering a new £80 shaft (power assist model, not hydrostatic). Few alternators… That’s it. It cost £9000 new, worth 4000 now. Don’t think it’s ever gonna die, hydraulics are still good, gearbox still good, works every day feeding cattle on a chopper mixer that’s too big for it, an hour every day at pto revs working hard, doesn’t even use oil, a litre between changes max. In its’ younger days it carted silage with 6 and 10 ton carts, slurry with a 1300 gallon tanker, mowed grass at 12mph with an 8ft disc mower… not an easy life, one o those tractors you never notice or question, not spectacular but phenomenally dependable with plenty poke for the size of it. Not brilliant to sit in for a long day, but it’s the tractor you go to when the others have broken down. because it never has
    Cons: struggle to find a con. Not the greatest cab to sit in….. pto runs on a bit when cold if there is no resistance…. cheap lights and fusebox…. that’s about it

  3. Jimmy says:

    You could run a pretty big farm with this tractor all by itself. It is big enough to do almost anything and small enough to let you take advantage of some pretty amazing fuel efficiency. If I wrote down how much fuel that it uses for some pretty intensive jobs you would not believe me – I will say that the fuel consumption numbers listed here do not represent reality, it is much much better…

    It is a very simple tractor, no bells or whistles other than the multi-power. Mine came with 2 sets of remotes – this is a must have for me. I am at 6500 hours and plan on doing a full re-build when it becomes required.

    If you can ever get your hands on one of these I cannot exaggerate how happy you will be! My father had it before me and claimed that it was the best tractor ever made for Canadian farms… (he was Irish though and liked to make a point:)

    Year of Manufacture: 1980
    Pros: Rake hay for 8-hours on 5 gallons of fuel

    Just runs and never really breaks down

    big enough to pull a 3-furrow plow

    big enough to operate a New Holland 648 Silage Special

    Can do pretty much anything farm related

    Major parts like the alternator, starter, and power steering pump are all just bolted on and can be replaced in minutes by even the most mechanically inept people (like me)

    Cons: after about 25 years the pto comes on in really cold weather and only turns off when the tractor is warm

    power steering pump goes every 5000 hours – you can get a new one on e-bay for $165, very easy to repair though

    keep the outlet o-rings fresh or else it leaks

    wiring for fender lights needs to be replaced every 25-years

    The front end is a little weak – but just a little. If you have a quick-attach loader take it off when you are not using it otherwise you will eventually have problems. When compared to something like a 5610 series II the 265’s front end is whimpy.

    Attachments: My buddy’s Round Baler New Holland 648 and my own 848 (no problems)

    3-Furrow Kvenland plow (no trouble but it needs to be well set up)
    My buddy’s Fransguard rake – wide one

    New Holland 254 Rake

    10-wide disks (it can do 12 but that’s a little too much)

    Massey 236 loader

    too many more to mention – it can do almost anything except a forage harvester

    Modifications: modified the loader to use the cab bolt holes also

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