Massey Ferguson 275

The Massey Ferguson 275 is the MF model that came before the Massey Ferguson 290 tractor. It was produced by Massey for 8 years from 1975 until the MF 290 took over from it in 1983. The model that the MF 275 superseded is the Massey Ferguson 175.The tractor gets it’s power from a Perkins AD4.248 diesel engine. It’s a natural aspiration, 4 cylinder engine that is 4.1 liters in size. It’s uses a liquid cooling system that requires 10.4 liters of coolant to fully fill it from empty. It requires 7.6 liters of oil to fully fill it for proper lubrication. The engine has a maximum power output of 67.5 hp and is started by a 12 volt battery that is charged by a 27 amp alternator. There are actually 3 different versions of this tractor. Besides the standard, there was also a row crop and low profile version available at the time of production.

The are 2 different transmission boxes that you can get the Massey Ferguson 275 with. The first gives the tractor 8 speeds going forward and 2 in reverse, while the Multi Power, partial power shift transmission gives the tractor 12 gears when traveling forward and 4 gears when traveling in reverse. The max speed for the MF 275 is 19.1 mph. It uses a hydraulic system that needs 30.3 liters (8 US gallons ) of hydraulic fluid to fully fill it and operates at 2300 psi. The fuel tank on the 275 is capable of holding 70 liters (18.5 US gallons) of diesel.

The tractor sits on a 4×2 2WD chassis and comes with a category 2, 3 point hitch which has a maximum lifting capacity of 1859 kg (4100 lbs). The shipping weight of the MF 275 is 2766 kg (6100 lbs). This increases to 2998 kg (6610 lbs) when it’s fully operational. The safest maximum ballasted weight of the Massey Ferguson 275 is 4232 kg (9330 lbs). The tractor has a wheelbase of 2.08 m (82 inches) and it’s ground clearance depends on the variation: the standard tractor has a ground clearance of 0.4 m (16 inches), the row crop has a clearance of 0.46 m (18.4 inches) and the low profile tractor has a clearance of 0.37 m (62.1 inches). There is also a smaller version of the MF 275, it’s the Massey Ferguson 265.

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3 Reviews of the “Massey Ferguson 275”

  1. Jerry Barnes says:

    I bought this tractor from my aunt last year. I have 138 acres and this is my reliable workhorse. I have baled hay, snaked logs, landscaped and dug ponds with my MF 275. The only trouble it has given me besides the occasional flat tire is the front hydraulic cylinder seals leak. Keep the exposed portion of the hydraulic piston rods clean of debris and rust or it eats the seals very quickly and the fluid leaks/drips constantly. I wish they still made tractors this dependable and economical to operate!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 1976
    Pros: Starts easily even on the coldest days of winter, 5 degrees F.
    Cons: Radiator, battery and some engine parts difficult to reach/replace.
    Attachments: 5×4 hay baler, mower, hay rake and tedder
    Modifications: hydraluic front end loader

  2. C Kelley says:

    I own a M6800 2007 Kubota. The MF runs cooler and has more power than the Kubota. Also softer ride.

    Year of Manufacture: 1975
    Pros: Very strong. Starts on demand. Even after months of non use.
    Cons: Light front end. Addded 300# weights. No foot throttle. Not much adjustment on linkage chains.
    Modifications: Sun roof. 26″ wheels. Had 22″.

  3. Doyle H says:

    I have had this tractor for five years my Dad left it to me. I mow around 430 round bales and bale around 230 bales for my self a year on flat and steep hillsides. this tractor drives and handles very Dad had 2 new 383 Massy but he drove this one most. I mowed 28 acers on 12 gal of fuel. i thought that was preety good. I think i know why he drove it most.

    Year of Manufacture: 1983
    Pros: This is very drivable, plenty of power to trailerl 15- 1000lb hay bales. Brake’s are as good as they come, all the pedals push straight out so much easier than the style before. mine has a rollbar factory type rated 10,000 lbs built like a tank w/canopy.
    Cons: Alittle lite in the frontend without weight mounted, also fenders viberate sometimes while traveling on road. No foot Throttle, what will fit?
    Attachments: hesston 7’8” disk mower.260 J.D. mower disk mower. 8′ bushhog. 5×4 hay baler.
    Modifications: Power steering line that runs from steering box to pump was rubbing saddle on block,making a hole in line. Welded hole with a coat hanger and ground down saddle alitte, then wrap weld wih small hose clamp to prevent future rubbing.

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