Massey Ferguson 135

The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced by the team at MF for 11 years from 1964 to 1975. Some people often get confused between the MF 35 and MF 135, when they really shouldn’t, the MF 135 first of all looks entirely different from the MF 35. It is a lot more ‘blocky’ than the 35. So if you can’t see a number just take a look at the shape. The first Massey Ferguson 135’s came with no cab or roll bar, but eventually MF added a cab to make it suitable for much harsher weather.

The only factory variant of the MF 135 is the 2135 which is an industrial tractor and is easily distinguishable because it is painted yellow and not the traditional red and grey.

Similar to the Massey Ferguson 35, the MF 135 came with one of four engines as standard:

  • Perkins model, AD 3.152: 3 Cylinder, diesel with a power output of 45.5 hp
  • Continental model, Z – 145: 4 Cylinder gasoline
  • Perkins model, AG 3.152: 4 Cylinder, gasoline with a power output of 45.5 hp
  • Continental model, Z – 134: 4 Cylinder gasoline with a power output of 39 hp

The MF 135 weighed in at 3,645 lbs (or 1653 kg for those of you in Europe) when built with the diesel engine, 3,565 lbs (or 1617 kg) when built with a Perkins gasoline engine and 3,810 lbs (or 1728 kg) when built with a Continental gasoline engine. Similar to the Massey Ferguson 35, it had a wheelbase of 6 ft (182 cm) but was slightly longer at 120.6 inches (306 cm).

The Massey Ferguson 135 maxed out at 15.1mph (or 24.3 kph) in it’s highest gear and could reach 7.3 mph (or 11.8 kph) in it’s highest reverse gear.

The gear system was standard with the the first models of the 135 with , but eventually they were revamped so that were three forward gears in high gear and three forward in low gear giving a total of 6 forward gear settings. While the reverse gear was also revamped so that it had one high and one low gear for reverse.

If you own a Massey Ferguson 135 and would like to review it yourself, then please do below or if you’d just like to comment on the MF 135 then you can also do that below. There is also a slightly smaller version available, the Massey Ferguson 130 tractor.

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10 Reviews of the “Massey Ferguson 135”

  1. Paul says:

    My father bought it seconc hand. It served him for over 2 decades. I reconditioned it in 2016.

    This tractor is a treasure – does all ploughing, ridging, pumping water for irrigation purposes and tows loads with unbelievable torque, especially in quarries down in the valleys.

    Year of Manufacture: 1966

  2. mark sankey says:

    I have a 1969 Massey 135 with 5 lug front rims.. what is the story on this if anyone can help

    Year of Manufacture: 0

  3. Jeff says:

    I have owned my 135 for 10 years and use it only for bush hogging my place. Its been tough and reliable. Two years ago the thing was covered in water, literally covered up to the top of the hood in water due to a flood. I cleaned the flotsam and debris from off the thing and that Perkins diesel started right up. Of course it blew water out the exhaust. I immediately drained all fluids and flushed the crank and transmission with diesel fuel. I am going to have the top end rebuilt this winter and keep it. For what I do, its just fine.

    Year of Manufacture: 1968
    Pros: Tough, reliable. Big fan of Perkins diesels. Low to the ground. Great profile for using a rotary cutter in hilly or rolling terrain, which I do.
    Cons: I hate the Multi Power. Sometimes it engages when you least expect. Its a nuisance for sure. Brakes are sketchy and I would probably not let anyone else run the thing because of the Multi-Power and the brakes.
    Attachments: Rotary cutter. Disk harrow

  4. Paul says:

    My biggest headache is the oil leakage via the weeping hole denoting worn out rope seal. It does not seem to get fixed?

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Reliable durable machine.I found in the family now owning it. Known history, a 1966.
    Cons: Front axle components wear out quickly.

  5. ron says:

    A reliable little work horse with minimal maintenance it won’t let you down. Mine has been in the family since 1974 and was worked hard daily, tobacco, corn, thousands of hours mowing and baling hay and bush hogging some seriously steep land. Has never been in the shop. 3 cylinder Perkins is almost fool proof and the most miserly on fuel of anything we ever owned. Highly recommend the diff lock feature and spin out wheels. Like earlier poster I have no power steering and it will work you. The reason that my dad was in his late 70’s and had arms like tree trunks. I would recommend some weights on the front they do tend to stand up pretty quick on a hard pull. I will point out our 1974 has 4 forward speeds in each range. If you want to bush hog this is the one for you with the wheels out these things are damn near impossible to roll and will climb like an atv. Overall just a plain simple no frills work horse.

    Year of Manufacture: 1974
    Pros: Reliability
    Cons: Wiring on lights and gauges sub par
    Attachments: 0
    Modifications: 0

  6. Ross says:

    mf 135 diesel what a piece of junk, always something wrong.

    Year of Manufacture: 0

  7. Andrew says:

    Used for:
    Mowing lawns
    Brush hogging
    Transplanting vegetables (with optional creeper gear)

    I would consider this to be one of the best small farm or chore tractors that you can buy. MF also offers a brand new tractor that has no computers, the same exact controls and four wheel drive in a similar package.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Excellent fuel economy with the 4 cyl. Perkins diesel
    Easy to reach controls that are right where you would expect them to be
    Extremely reliable
    I also really like the back lit instrument gauges

    Cons: Front end is weak in these masseys, you will eventually have to replace the ball joints on the sides of the power steering assembly.

    Fuel gauges tend to be unreliable (although this is a common problem on many tractors)

    Modifications: It is highly recommended that you place a grease fitting under the tractor at the bearing that holds the front axle on. If you dont, then the bearing will have to replaced eventually. (It’s really only a brass bushing)

    My 135 has a toolbox mounted on the left side right in front of the clutch which is very convenient.

    Creeper gear (optional) could be slower

  8. Mike Dee says:

    Has to be one of the best all-time tractors there ever was. Simple, dependable, very powerful for its size. I love mine.

    Year of Manufacture: 1973
    Pros: Perkins Diesel model: Powerful, economical, dependable, comfortable ergonomics. Tough machine and low maintenance. Readily available parts. Destined to be a collectible machine, meaning parts will continue to be available for many years…….

    Perkins diesel is a relatively easy and economical rebuild. Very dependable engine.

    Low, safe center of gravity. Handles slopes very well. Easy to mount and dismount.

    Steering box will develop slop over the years. Easy rebuild.

    I love my 135.

    Cons: Unless you have power steering, you will soon develop arms like “Bluto” of Popeye Cartoon fame. Or, if you are a sissy, you will soon sell your Fergie. I like the exercise and muscle building steering; I figure it is good for me. Steers much easier with any implement on the back in the lifted position.

    The Multi-Power option has a checkered reputation for dependability.

    Attachments: The usual 3-point tools: finish mower, 2-bottom plow, disc, 2-row planter, Bush Hog shredder.
    Modifications: None. Will add ROP one of these days.

  9. Eric says:

    Great tractor for most jobs

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Pound for pound the strongest , toughest tractor I’ve owned
    Very easy on fuel & low maintenance great resale value
    Cons: Needs a rear differential lock
    Attachments: Sickle , tedder, rake , square baler , plow,disc, bushog, cultivator
    Modifications: End loader

  10. tapfuma gande says:

    Fine piece of machinery to own as a small holder or a back up tractor no a large enterprise

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: a mean and relentless work horse , economic on fuel , low maintenence, simple in construction , very adaptable as long as you match its capacity to implements.What else would one want.Well done MF.
    Modifications: POWER STEERING

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