Massey Ferguson 35

The Massey Ferguson 35 is probably the most famous of all Massey’s. It took over from from where the FE 35 left off. It originally entered production in 1960 and continued for 5 years until 1965. If you see an original MF 35, if it’s kept as a collectors item, then most likely you won’t see a roll bar on it. However a lot small farmers who have maintained their MF 35’s and kept them in working order have added a roll bar on to them as an added safety precaution.

If you bought an original MF 35, you would have gotten it with one of 4 engines that came as standard:

  • A 3 cylinder Perkins, diesel model
  • A 4 cylinder Continental, gasoline model
  • A 4 cylinder Standard, diesel model
  • A 4 cylinder Standard, gasoline model

The Massey Fergusson 35 has a wheelbase of 6 ft (or 182 cm for those of you in Europe) and a length of 9.75 ft (297 cm). The MF 35 weighed in at 2982 lbs (1352 kg) for the gasoline model and a heavier 3559 lbs (1614 kg) for the diesel model.

The MF 35 has a maximum power of 37 hp, which nowadays is not a lot at all (considering some John Deere ride on lawnmowers boast engine power in the mid-20 hp range) but at the time was quite reasonable for the equipment it had to pull. It optionally came with a two stage clutch and had a fuel tank capable of holding 10.2 gallons (38.6 liters) of fuel. It maxes out at 14.6mph (23.4 kph) going forwards in 6th gear and 7.1 mph (11.4 kph) in it higher reverse gear.

The Massey Ferguson 35 was the first MF tractor to be painted in Massey’s traditional red and grey paint while the Massey Ferguson 35 Turf Special was painted in yellow. The MF 35 Turf Special was the one variant made of the MF 35 range. The MF 35 was also the first tractor from Massey Ferguson to sport the triple triangle logo on the front.

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One Review of the “Massey Ferguson 35”

  1. Ross Kurtz says:

    While not having used this model of tractor a lot over the years,I have the benefit of comparing it with many others,being a farmer and former machinery contractor,and can say,that I am the proud owner of this fine tractor.It will be used on my farm for some light work,and to participate in tractor treks .I am a member of the Cudgegong Antique Machinery Club based in Mudgee.

    Year of Manufacture: 1961
    Pros: I have only just purchased my 35,but used to operate other 35s in the 1970s. Mine is in quite good condition for it’s age but has a blown head gasket.I hope the head is not warped.
    These tractors are,in my opinion one of the best ever made when all things are considered ,especially it’s age.They have a very quiet transmission and wonderful three point linkage.Their ergonomics are well thought out.As an operator ,one felt as one with the machine. They are easy to enter and exit.The motor is very torquey and economical and there are a good range of gears.The optional multipower in the later 35X was a great addition to the marque’s features.The gears could be changed on the go even though they are not synchromesh.
    These little tractors lose very little power through their transmissions to produce efficient pto and drawbar h,p,
    Cons: My only real gripe with the 35 are their brakes.Like many tractors of their era,they perform very poorly.
    Attachments: Mine has a drawbar fitted.I have no idea what make it is.It looks adequate without being too substantial.It has a r.o.p.s fitted.

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