Kubota T1600

The Kubota T1600 ride on lawn mower was manufactured during the 1990’s. It’s very often confused with the very similar named Kubota GR1600 lawn mower. It’s a fairly well liked mower from Kubota and quite useful to anyone with more than half an acre of grass to mow. It’s powered by a small 13.5 hp diesel engine. This is a fairly important point. Many people would assume that a garden tractor this small would be powered by a petrol engine, but in fact it’s powered by diesel, so please remember that when you are buying your T1600 and especially when you’re refueling it you need to use diesel. The engine is a Z482 designed and built by Kubota. It’s only 0.48 liters in size.

The engine sits on a 2WD chassis that handily supports the mowing deck. To be very honest, the Kubota T1600 is not a very well known mower. There are lots of Kubota mowers built around the same time that are far more popular. However the jury is still out on whether or not this is because there were other similar mowers competing in the same category as the T1600 or if it was because the Kubota T1600 just wasn’t a very good mower in general.

If you have ever owned or operated a T1600, then please leave a review detailing what you like and don’t like about it.

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6 Reviews of the “Kubota T1600”

  1. Barry Barnett says:

    Great little lawn tractor, strong disease engine, runs forever

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: Good power, easy driving, cuts great
    Cons: Top speed is lacking
    Attachments: Mower deck, I believe it has a 44” cut
    Modifications: None

  2. Lee Harris says:

    Very strong engine.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Cons: I purchased a t1600 that someone took a cutting torch & cut the rearend out from under it welded angle iron & rigged another type tearend that wasn’t a kubota & ruint a fine mower. I found another lawnmower that didn’t have a deck & making a good mower from tje two. I’m looking to sell this one without a deck or buy another t1600 with a blown engine to replace with that engine to make another lawnmower to sell or like I said sell this one for 400 dollars. It would make a nice generator or replacement engine for another tractor.
    Attachments: Tractor
    Modifications: Selling kubota t1600

  3. Arlen Wiens says:

    Excellent long term experience. Twenty years for a mower? You bet. Love the diesel motor. If I needed an irrigation pump motor, I’d repurpose this driveline in a heartbeat!

    I mow 2.5 acres every week. This mower is for sale ONLY because I got a deal on a JD 54″ standup mower. Lots of hp upgrade.

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: Properly maintained, this mower continues to outperform mowers its size. A 42″ cut allows the lawn to have less scalping & a speedy completion. You must grease the four places on the mower deck, one zerk under the front axle that transfers power from drive belts to the short drive shaft to mower deck. My kids enjoyed mowing pre-teen, so safety features are important.
    Cons: If you get lazy & fail to grease deck, you buy bearings.
    If you hit the belt cover & fail to pull metal away from front two belts, you buy new belts.
    Battery is a bit of an odd size.
    Mower deck is light weight, could have been heavier design. I too have welded & reinforced.

  4. S.T. says:

    very solid machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: Paid $1250 for an used T1600H along with used push mower and weed wrecker. It was 571 hours at purchase. The 13.5 hp diesel engine is definitely a pro for this small mower. Even just 13.5 hp but got plenty of torque for towing. The horse power and the size of mowing deck are perfect match. More than 90% of mower was made by steel, not like those “plastic” mower nowaday. Very durable and reliable.
    Mower deck is driven by a shaft, not a belt. In general, this is a very solid mower or tractor.
    Cons: No power steering; no many attachments; only RWD (wheels easily slip when ground is very wet); parts are expensive; no easy way to remove and re-attach the mower deck; original battery is too small (upgraded to a bigger battery);

  5. j.c courbet says:

    the best lawn tractor I ever had, tractor is like new although it’s twenty
    years old. I could use a new or used deck but I’m having a hard time
    finding one!.any ideas where to find one?.

    jc courbet.

    Year of Manufacture: 1992

  6. Wayne says:

    Best money I ever spent on a riding mower.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Great mower, absolutely bullet proof, have owned since purchased in early 90’s, still running as well today as ever. Made out of metal and not plastic. Just spent $1,100 completely redoing the deck and drive lines and also a complete service was performed. Ready for 20 more years of trouble free mowing. This little diesel will pull the frame out from under most John Deere’s or Cub Cadets. Built to last and it certainly has.
    Cons: Paint starting to fade but I guess that is acceptable since it is almost 20 years old.
    Attachments: Grass Catcher
    Modifications: None

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