Kubota GR1600

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The Kubota GR1600 sit on lawnmower is powered by a diesel engine that has an output of 13.5 hp,  much like it’s predecessor, the Kubota T1600 lawn mower. The GR 1600’s 2 cylinder engine is prevented from overheating using a water cooling system. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels via a HST (hydrostatic) transmission. This means that there is no need for a gear stick or clutch. Instead you control the speed of the lawnmower with just a pedal, pressing it further down if you want to go faster. This makes operating this vehicle is confined areas very efficient as you can quickly speed up and slow down without ever having to worry about changing gears. The top speed of this lawn mower is 10 kph (6.2 mph) when traveling forwards, while it can reach a max speed of 5 kph (3.1 mph) when it’s reversing.

The fuel tank of the Kubota GR1600 has a capacity to hold 18 liters (4.8 US gallons). When measured, this garden tractor lawn mower is 1.11 m (43.7 inches) wide while it is 2.71 m (106.7 inches) in length. 2.71 m may seem very long for a sit on lawn mower with a 13.5 horse power engine, but this is simply because it includes the bagger attachment on the back of the mower which has a capacity of 370 liters.

The mower deck that comes as standard with the Kubota GR1600 has a width of 1.07 m (42 inches). It’s height is adjustable from 2.5 cm (1 inch) up to 10.2 cm (3.9 inches). Rather than using a lever for adjusting the height of the cutting deck, the GR1600 uses a dial to control cutting height. The rear bagger uses an easy dump system designed by Kubota which means that you never need to leave the machine in order to empty it.

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