Kubota RTV500

The Kubota RTV500 utility vehicle is very popular. It is the a smaller, less ‘pimped out’ version of the Kubota RTV 900 and Kubota RTV1100 Utility Vehicles. This UTV is powered by a Kubota designed and manufactured GZ460F-E3-UV diesel engine. This is a 4 stroke, 2 cylinder engine that gives the RTV 500 a max power output of 15.8 hp. The engine is prevented from overheating using a water cooling system. The fuel tank on the RTV 500 utility vehicle holds a maximum of 20 liters (5.3 gallons) of diesel. The variable hydrostatic transmission on this UTV gives it infinite speeds over 2 gear ranges (a hi range of gears and a low range of gears). It can reach a maximum speed of 25 mph when using the hi range gears.

The brakes on the Kubota RTV 500 are dry disc brakes which easily control it’s speed even in damp and wet conditions. Rather than using power steering like on other models in the Kubota RTV range, the RTV 500 uses a rack and pinion manual steering system.

The Kubota RTV500 has a a Mac Pherson strut type independent suspension on its front wheels, while on it’s back wheels it’s got a Multi Link, semi independent suspension. Including the the cargo bed, the RTV 500 is 2.69 m (106 inches) long and 1.39 m (54.7 inches) wide. The total volume of the cargo bed is 0.25 cubic meters (9 cubic feet). The maximum weight that you can add to the cargo bed is 430 kg (949 lbs), while it has a maximum towing capacity of 500 kg (1102 lbs). There are also numerous attachments and accessories available for the Kubota RTV 500 including a front blade, various lights, a backup beeper to alert people behind you that you are reversing, a trailer hitch and of course the option of a cab, which can come in very handy in the winter months. If you decided not to add a cab to your RTV500, you will still have the rollcage (ROPS) to help to protect in case the machine tips over during operation.

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12 Reviews of the “Kubota RTV500”

  1. Kent Shoemaker says:

    This is my second RTV 500. The first I bought in 2008 (I think).For ten years it ran great with minimal maintenance. We put over 1000 hours on it, using it daily. I sold it to my neighbor and bought a new one that was identical. Because we depend on this unit everyday for on the farm, I felt it was time to get a new one. We’ve had the new one now for one year and it works great and seems to have more power than the original one when it was new. I would recommend the RTV 500. It’s not fast at all, but can manage any terrain.

    Year of Manufacture: 2018
    Pros: Reliable
    Cons: brake adjustments touchy
    Attachments: Snowblade; haven’t used it yet, but will soon, unfortunately.

  2. herb carnell says:

    great when new, downhill and worse since 35 hrs, went back to pulling yard wagon with 1985 HONDA 200 4 wheeler

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: starts easy good visibilty
    Cons: NO POWER, SLOW AND GETTING SLOWER! did not buy this as a sport machine, garage kept, washed and serviced 70hrs and will not pull a canoe from creek, hate to give it up but looking hard at anything BUT kabota
    Attachments: snow plow, winch, top, brush guard and the only scratches are from dealer from pushing around at THEIR shop 2 of em’ buttheads both
    Modifications: none

  3. Paul M says:

    Very bad product and horrible service, at least in the Victoria area

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: I was happy with my Kubota tractors, so I chose to buy their RTV
    Cons: Big mistake, underpowered, underperforms, cannot handle a minor slope without stalling

  4. Richard says:

    pretty much disappointed

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: starts and runs every time,4 wheel and diff lock work fine
    Cons: will not downshift properly on an incline, sometimes will stop on a hill,shake, and cut off. tailgate and floor pans are rusting despite keeping it out of the weather. love my kubota l4240, but the rtv 500 is very disappointing.

  5. John Marcantel says:

    Great Machine, good workhorse……Give it a chance, most people I think would be pleased with the performance!!!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: So far only 35 hours on the machine. Handles well. I use it on the farm to haul hay, tools, and supplies. Use it on my hunting lease in La. which for the most part is muddy terrain—no problems. Brought it with me to Colorado on an elk hunting trip—-hauled a large elk out of the mountains–made it ride smoother with the load—elk weighed over 500pds…..Great machine.
    Cons: Bumpy on mountain back roads— uncomfortable but ok…
    Thinking about putting larger tires on it and deflate a little.
    Needs more clearance for that mountain terrain.

  6. glenn says:

    I like the machine but hate the power. Wish for the back to have better ground clearance. I own 7 kubota tractors and the rtv and i am a believer in kubota products but i am not sure i would buy another rtv. The tractors are great though. I have 3-5740,1-9540,1-3940, a bx 2360 and a gas powered lawn tractor and swear by them but the rtv let me down in some areas.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Well built. Comfortable. Starts with ease even in cold weather. Fits in the back of my pick up.
    Cons: Not enough power. Very slow. Not enough ground clearance in the back to be compatible with the front when in deep snow. The front plows through and then the back gets hung up.

  7. Bill Fusi says:

    Does everything I want in a machine to be used to maintain my vacation property. Used all my friends machines and short of being the slowest speed wise it is the best built and strongest work horse. If you are not looking for speed this is the best machine in this size market that you can buy.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Built stronger than other machines this size.
    Fits in my pickup bed. great on fuel. Work horse around trails, grounds and pulling trailer. Very happy with machine.
    Cons: If you want speed this is not the machine for you. Could use a little more power.
    Attachments: WinchDoe

  8. Russ G says:

    Have used for two years with about 100hrs on it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Very reliable and quite a work horse…I’ve used my to haul dirt and rocks and wood…pulls up steep hills with a full load. Dump box very well balanced can unload without hydraulics very easily.

    HST controls the vehicle on downhill grades…you hardly ever need to brake…very safe for wife or kids to operate.

    4×4 with rear diff lock has pulled me through depp mud bogs without a problem and used it in the winter to take kids up the sled riding hill!

    EFI starts right up in the winter and the engine is quiet and the fuel economy is great.

    Cons: It’s necessary to use low gear range to pull any hill so its pretty slow. Could’ve used another 5HP!

  9. Mark says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Starts good, even when cold and built TOUGH.
    Cons: The RTV500 is underpowered unless you want to just drive it on blacktop. Its too heavy for the power it seems.

    Much of an incline will require shifting to LO. 4WD and DIFF-LOCK are difficult to engage most of the time and have been since new. When new the hand-brake pulled all the way up and it would still roll down hill, so I adjusted it. Now just 1 year old I have maxed out the adjustment and it again rolls down hill.

    Its ROUGH riding on anything other than blacktop.

    Don’t ask me about changing the transmission oil, I get mad thinking about it…. FIRST The filters (2) are difficult to access/change (especially the front one) and the book says 2.2 gallons of oil is required. I bought 2.5 gallons and that didnt even show up on the dipstick, so I had to go to town to buy another gallon. It took about another 2 Qt, so I think it holds about 2.7 gallons. HOW DID THEY MESS THIS UP?

  10. Russell says:

    Great product…….

    Year of Manufacture: 9
    Pros: A large investment thay really pays off. No problems to date.
    The local Kubota dealer is great to work with.

    Unit will haul and tow anything reasonable you can put to it.

    Very comfrotable to drive or ride in.

    A lot of great accessories to make it mine………

    Cons: Parts prices are relitive to cost of unit….

    Sometimes hard to shift in 4WD and rear diff lock

    Stinkie exhust smell.. rotten egg

    No auxiliaryhydraulics

    Attachments: Canopy
    windsheild (glass)
    cargo screen
    cargo mat
    Modifications: Don’t even think about it..

  11. Sue says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: Love the camo!
    Cons: I bought my RTV500 brand new Aug. 31, 2009. It was serviced at a little over 50 hours per the manual and lovingly cared for by me personally. I use it strictly to take feed down to my poultry and goats on a daily basis and once a week, to haul my trash down to the bin. It is NOT abused over overworked in any way, shape or form. It has about 90 hours on it which averages out to being used 5 hours a month since we bought it. Last month, it started smoking so bad I had to literally abandon it because I couldn’t see to drive. Once the smoke cleared, it was hard to keep it started and continued to smoke. We managed to get it to the barn as I don’t leave it outside in cold, snow or rain. I emailed the company probably 10-14 days ago and have STiLL not got a response from them. I called the number in the book and literally nobody I talked to had a clue in the world how to deal with it. They all gave me additional numbers to call and by the third clueless person, I gave up and called the repair shop.
    Do youself a huge favor and go look at Kawasaki Mules or John Deere’s or some other brand. The 500 is not up to a simple daily task of feeding chickens, ducks and goats so God knows it can’t possibly handle a REAL job. I’ve not heard from the repair shop so I can’t say why’s it’s smoking and won’t stay running. Thank you for reading my review. I hope I have spared someone the heartache of buying one of these useless money pits.

    • Debbie M says:

      Love it! Use it daily! Couldn’t manage without it!

      Year of Manufacture: 2010
      Pros: This little rtv500 has been a godsend for us. We are in our 60’s and wanted to keep the hobby farm going. It has enabled us to do chores twice daily with ease and we put the snowblade attachment on and pushed snow from Nov. 1st to the beginning of March – lots of it. It worked great! Can’t say enough good about it!
      Cons: No grass cutter blade attachment which means we’ll have to bite the bullet on a riding mower. 🙁
      Attachments: Snow blade! Awesome!

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