Kubota RTV1100

The Kubota RTV1100 Worksite utility vehicle is a powerful and useful machine to have at your disposal. If you are looking for slightly smaller UTVs from Kuboto, then check out the Kubota RTV 900 Utility Vehicle or the Kubota RTV 500 Utility Vehicle. The RTV 1100 has been specifically designed for use on work sites, hence the name! It comes with an engine developed and manufactured in house by Kubota. It’s the D1105-E3-UV 4 stroke, diesel and it has a power output of 24.8 hp. The 3 cylinder engine has displacement of 1.1 liters. This engine is powered with diesel from a fuel tank that has a max capacity of 30 liters (7.9 US gallons). The engine sits on a choice of chassis, either a 2WD or 4WD chassis. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels via a variable hydrostatic transmission that has 3 ranges of gears, low, medium and high.

The fastest that the Kubota RTV 1100 can travel at is 25 mph when it’s in high gear. Thankfully the RTV1100 utility vehicle uses power steering, as traveling over rough ground at these speeds without it could be very dangerous. Both the front and back wheels use a Mac-Pherson strut type independent suspension to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable journey no matter where you are using this ATV. The weight of the RTV 1100 comes in at 1120 kg (2469 lbs). The most that it can safely pull is 590 kg (1300 lbs) while the largest safe payload that it can carry onboard is 740 kg (1631 lbs).

The Kubota RTV1100 is fairly long at 3.26 m (128.4 inches) thanks to it’s large cargo bed. It measures 1.69 m (66.5 inches) wide and has a height of 2.1 m (83 inches) to the top of it’s roll cage (ROPS). The Kubota RTV 1100 comes with a Kubota ‘Premium Grand Cab’ that has doors so it can be operated even when the weather outside is miserable. The Kubota RTV 900 Utility Vehicle is the younger brother of this model and it’s advisable you check it out if you are interested in a similar but less ‘decked out’ ATV/utility vehicle.

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota RTV1100”

  1. JEFF cicolini says:

    I went from a gas powered 2009 Polaris 800 side by side with a hydraulic boss plow to this Kubota RTV X1100C and have no regrets. Although my top speed was almost cut in half the fact that I have power steering, real front window defroster, side windows that roll down, more torque, a sealed factory cab, AC, and more towing capacity far outweighs the speed differential. Diesel wins over gas every day for a work vehicle and this RTV is up for any challenge.

    Year of Manufacture: 2017
    Pros: The factory cab, AC, hydrostatic transmission, power steering and torque
    Cons: Top speed 25mph, 35 would make a big difference. Two radiators are great however in cold temps takes a long time to heat up and top speed is less than 25mph for a long time….
    Attachments: Boss V Plow and factory hitch attached Salt Spreader
    Modifications: None

  2. jw says:

    Glad I chose Cavalier Equipment and the RTV1100

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Cavalier International in Ashland, Virginia is a wonderful dealer to work with and they have a top knotch service department. From the time I stepped in the RTV11100, I knew it was the right unit for my purpose. It has a large cargo area and designed tight. Glad I decided to go the extra for a cab with heat and a/c. Could not see buying the lesser and adding glass and doors without the heat, a/c and horsepower.

    This RTV will go up and down creek banks, thru mud holes fully loaded up to the top of the cab in 2wd. Have not seen any instability even loaded on hills.

    Cons: The chasis does not have ample ground clearance and is not complete from the factory with proper guards to protect the vitals…..nor have I been able to locate any after market suppliers to provide the same. Kubota does not offer a large enought winch as an option for this work horse. I have had this less than one week and do not regret a thing!!!!

    One trip to the local John Deere dealer sealed my decision as the sales rep did not come close to the personal service nor delivery of product as Luther and Darryl Sims at Cavalier!!!!!!

    Attachments: 4000lb after market warn winch, lift kit, 14″ chrome wheels and tires

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