Kubota GR10 Snow Blower

The Kubota GR10 Snow Blower is the snowblower specifically designed to be attached to the Kubota GR series of garden tractors. It is mounted on the front of the lawn mower and is powered by a small PTO shaft. The total cutting width of the GR10 comes in at 1.17 m (46 inches) allowing it to tackle very large sections of snow. The total cutting height of the machine comes in at 0.44 m (17.4 inches). So as you can probably imagine, this snowblower is manly used in areas that receive very large accumulations of snow on a regular basis.

The Kubota GR10 snowblower uses an auger with a diameter of 0.32 m (12.75 inches) and has a height of 0.51 m (20 inches) which very effectively chops up and pulverizes even very compacted and wet snow. Many people don’t realize that the Kubota GR10 is actually a dual stage snow thrower, meaning that it includes an impeller blade at the bottom of the deflector chute housing. This forces the snow out through the chute at high speeds and helps to prevent the build up of excessive snow in the bucket. The impeller blade consists of 3 blades and it has a diameter of 0.35 m (13.75 inches).

When not in use, you can raise the Kubota GR10 snow blower by 0.13 m (5 inches) off the ground. The operator of the GR10 snow thrower never has to leave the seat of their GR lawn mower when they need to change the angle of the deflector chute if they are using the electric deflector chute. If they are not using the electric deflector chute, then it needs to be adjusted manually. The chute can be rotated by more than 230 degrees. In total the Kubota GR 10 snow blower attachment weighs in at 128 kg (282 lbs).

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