John Deere 380A Front Blade

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The John Deere 380A Front Blade is a snow blade designed specifically for the 27 horsepower John Deere 3005 compact utility tractor, that’s according to the official JD website. However it can actually work with a wide range of John Deere tractors. It is constructed from heavy duty steel so that it can easily take care any snow or debris removal task without any risk of damage occurring. The JD 380A front blade is a great alternative to attaching a snow blower to the front of your tractor or lawnmower as it’s far cheaper and often faster at clearing snow if the snow is not too heavy.

There are actually 3 different sizes of the the JD 380A front blade available. The smallest is the 54 inch front snow blade while the biggest measures 66 inches. There is also a 60 inch snow blade available. So no matter how big the area you regularly clear is, you should be able to find a John Deere 380A snow blade that is capable of doing the job effectively.

Many people choose one of these snow blades for the simple fact that they last a very long time. This is for 2 main reasons. The first is that they constructed out of quarter inch think steel. The second is that they’ve got a spring suspension system, so in the off chance that it does hit a large, hard object that is stuck firmly in the ground, it will pop over it instead of deforming around it. When connected up to the hydraulics system on your tractor, the John Deere 380A snow blade can rotate up to 60 degrees, 30 degrees to either side. It also uses skid shoes to help prevent you from damaging ground surfaces with the blade

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