John Deere Z445

The John Deere Z445 EZTrak zero turn radius lawn mower is a popular and powerful model from the boys at John Deere. It’s the big brother of the John Deere Z425 EZTrak zero turn radius lawn mower and the much bigger brother of the John Deere Z225 lawn mower. It’s powered by Kawasaki, 2 cylinder, V twin, air cooled engine that has a power output of 25 hp…more than enough to make mince meat out of most gardens and playing fields. It requires 1.6 quarts of oil to remain well lubricated and operating properly. The rear wheels are powered by strong and resilient Parker wheel motors.

The specially designed high back seat on the JD Z445 gives the driver/operator of this vehicle extra support during long hours of operation and is adjustable so that it can be moved forward or backwards depending on the driver/operators height as can the motion control levers. These have 3 different height settings so that they can adequately accommodate people of all heights when operating the John Deere Z445.

The EZTrak Z445 is very quick around the block also with a top speed of 8.5 mph (3.5 mph in reverse) which allows you to quickly cut large open areas, while smaller areas with many tight spots are easy to take care of as well thanks to the zero turn radius of this ZTR lawnmower. The mower deck itself is 54″ wide (with the option of a high capacity 54″ deck) and is supported on 13″ Castor wheels. The mower weighs in at 308 kg (680 lbs) which is pretty light for any mower that has a 25 hp engine. It measures just 1.9 m (74.7 inches) long and has a maximum width of 1.72 m (67.7 inches). You can adjust the height of the mower deck in 0.25 inch increments meaning that you will always be able to get the final grass length you want.

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7 Reviews of the “John Deere Z445”

  1. Andy Lopushinsky says:

    Bought my 2007 John Deere Z445 54” deck and attachments in spring of 2007.
    It was one of the first to come in at the dealership.
    I cut just under 6 acres of lawn with my Z445 for 10 years along with doing all the dethatching, aerating and spraying with the unit.
    The machine has not had one problem or repair done , other than yearly service with a battery and tire replacement once
    I have now upgraded to a John Deere 997 with 72” deck and mulch kit since 2017.
    I continue to use the Z445 for the small tasks.
    I recommend the older Z4 series that had the independent hydraulic drive setups rather than the correct drive systems.
    I have driven my neighbors newer Z445 with the Briggs and Scrap-iron 27 hp engine for comparison.
    I find it extremely noisy, and my Kawasaki powered Z445 has way more torque and power than the Z4 with the 27hp. Briggs engine.
    My best recommendations would be to go out and buy one of the smaller Z9 series commercial units, for a few bucks more.

    JD products are terrific and made to last
    Like they say…. Nothing runs like a Deere !

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Nothing
    Attachments: 54” mower deck, 25 gallon JD sprayer, 48” JD tow type Aerator, mower deck anti blow back kit,
    Modifications: None

  2. willie terrell says:

    I purchased a z445 in 2016 from a john deere dealer. I had an old mower from john deere that I used 10 yrs with no trouble. My mower is in the shop now for the second transmission. They are replacing these transmission like a chicken eating corn. My warranty runs out in February and the next transmission will cost me close to one thousand dollars. This is a piece of junk and I am through with john deere and their dealers

    Year of Manufacture: 2016

  3. Peter says:

    I bought a Z445 riding mower four years ago and have had problems with it’s performance since new.
    It cuts the lawn horribly. Never a clean cut. I ordered it with the mulching kit and it leaves a mess every time. Row after row of unmulched grass forms along the side of the strip I just cut. It looks like cornrows after each pass! My entire 2 acre lawn is always covered in rows and clumps of grass piles!
    I go over it several times and it just disperses the mess to another side of the mower.
    I have told this to the selling dealer and all they do is suggest blades. I have gone through several sets of mulching blades, and the current set that I bought at the local John Deere dealer is awful.
    It has left a mess just like always since they were put on near the end of last season.
    I even only cut 50% of the width of the deck! The other 50% I often keep on the previously mowed section to help this pathetic machine try to cut and mulch!
    Also – the front wheels are big and heavy and they flatten down the grass prior to the blades cutting them. They do not bounce up and I am left with strips of uncut grass where the wheels rode.
    Is there no help for this?
    Am I just stuck with a horribly performing and very expensive machine?

    Year of Manufacture: 2014

  4. Stu Cunningham says:

    Not a good fit for my yard. My yard has ditches in front, and is 1.5 acres. I cut about 45 minutes off my mowing time with it, and it is smoother riding than my JD534 all wheel steer, but due to safety and design I prefer the 534 or conventional tractor type mower.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: – Fast mowing on level ground
    – Turns well on lower ground
    – rides well and easy on my back
    Cons: – 54″ deck does not turn as well around trees and small items as well as a 48″ deck. I traded a 534 all wheel steer and It did a better job in trimming. Also the 534 was much safer on ditches.
    – Oil change is so poorly designed it makes you want to trade the mower off on a competitive brand! Drain plug is very difficult to get to and in a very tight place. Drain plug spills oil all over the frame. Filter is in a spot which is very difficult to get a wrench on.
    – Mower is fairly unsafe on rough ground and ditches. Works great if you have a level yard, or no ditches to mow.
    – Deck is more difficult to remove/attach than the 534.
    Attachments: 54″ mower deck and drawbar

  5. Gerald Skaggs says:

    Absolutely fabulous, can’t do without it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: I have owed my Z445 since 2008 and it has approximatley 450 hours on it at the present time. I use it a lot cutting grass and during the leaf removal season. I pull a leaf collections system behind it. I have not had one problem with the machine as of yet. It still has the original battery that came in it and has the original deck belt. The only thing I have done is replace the rubber hydraulic hose. I would recommend this mower to anyone, wheter you have high acreage or small yards. I have one place where I mow approximately 4 acres and can mow it in 2.5 hours and it has some trees and a couple of buildings to mow around. I have not had any problems with the muffler burning the grass as another reviewer stated. Do the scheduled maintenance on this machine and it will work for you for years.
    Cons: I wish John Deere made a front mounted blade for the machine.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  6. Vince Fickling says:

    I will cut to the chase and sum it up like this: If your done playing around and wasting your time with lawn tractors then it is time to buy a John Deere Zero Turn mower. This machine is designed to mow grass, it does not play, therefore you will have alot more time to do other things. I mow 4 acres in 2 hours, no joke. Dont tell a John Deere rep, but knowing what I know now I would have paid more for mine. I’ve owned this 4 acres for 32 years so I have tried alot of different equipment. Needless to say the search is over.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Everything about it
    Cons: None

  7. Ralph Baker says:

    Ive only got 30 hours on the mower, and I am very Satisfied with the over all performance, But will not recomed this mower to any one else because of the muffler. Is there anything that could be done to change my mind ?

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: control , size , fuel econmy, The mower is great ! only have one problem.
    Cons: The muffler is to close to the ground. It burns the grass if I stop for more then a minute !! If I get off the mower to pick up a stick in the yard there will be a brown spot in the yard the next day where I stoped at.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

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