John Deere X749

The John Deere X749 lawn mower is one of the largest lawnmowers ever produced by JD. It pretty much has the appearance of a compact utility tractor with a mid mounted mower deck. This machine is far bigger than the John Deere X748 and much, much bigger than the John Deere X744. This machine get it’s power from the same Yanmar diesel engine that powers the John Deere X740. This produces 24 hp and has an engine size of 1.1 liters. As the JD X749 garden tractor lawn mower is so big, John Deere have built it on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chasis.

The total weight of the John Deere X749 ride on lawn mower comes to 553 kg (1221 lbs). It can work with a mower deck up to 62 inches wide, although it can also work with smaller mower decks (48 inches and 54 inches). Even though this lawnmower may seem like a monster, it still gives a very precise and fine cut to the lawns it’s mowing. All mower decks that can be attached to it can be adjusted in increments of as little as 0.25 inches, making sure that you always get the cutting height you want. You have a choice of sending the grass clippings to either an optional ‘Power Flow’ bagger attachment at the back of the lawn mower or you can instead use the mulching option. This causes the clippings to be cut up very finely and left on the grass to decompose and return their nutrients to the ground.

Many people are very fond of the John Deere X749 tractor lawnmower for the simple reason that it comes with so many extras. There are large 37 watt, halogen headlights so that you can use it even when it’s dark outside. It also has a category 1, 3 point hitch which opens the JD X749 up to integrating with a huge range of optional extras from snowblowers to cultivators. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere X749”

  1. JIM WIEHN says:

    love machine when running

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: power durability
    Cons: engine quits after about 45 min of use. have to let sit for awhile..have replaces all filters on engine, heat unit, radiator and cond. both clean..radiator full of coolant..very upset especially when I mow up to 5 hours at a time…help this even happens in winter months also call if you have answer..402 920-1935 also tears up grass on turns..not good
    Attachments: snow brush
    Modifications: none

    • leonard wayne lowthian says:

      five stars…other than overheating due to matting grass mowing

      Year of Manufacture: 2009
      Pros: up to every job including grain auger at harvest
      Cons: overheats without continually brushing off grass matted on air screens
      Attachments: 3 pt quick tach, mower, snowblower, spring tooth harrow, 10000 w generator,
      Modifications: had to trim rear pto guard to uncouple

  2. Jack Corbett says:

    I have used the X749 for 5 years first on my 5 acre home and now on my .6 acre home and with the exception of the problem with the outside rear wheel tearing up the turf on tight turns it is a very reliable tractor capable of doing the job of larger utility tractors.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Plenty of power for cutting tall grass or pushing snow.

    4-wheel drive is great for pushing deep snow.

    Locking Differential is great when snow gets really deep.

    4 wheel steering makes tight turns for going around trees.

    Yanmar Diesel engine is very reliable

    Cons: Even though the 4-wheel steering makes it easy for trimming around trees the outside rear wheel will damage the turf like the locking differential is engaged making the outside wheel turn faster than the inside wheel making it spin.
    Attachments: 62 inch mowing deck.

    cat 1 three point hitch.

    3-point hitch lawn sprayer

    54 inch front mounted blade.

    Pull behind seeder/aerator

    Pull behind plug aerator

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